Top 7 Most Dangerous Countries for Truck Drivers

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5 things truck drivers should never ever do. Dave talks about some of the things, professional truck drivers should never do! Some are just common sense although it's surprising how many truckers still do one of these things.... TEXTING AND DRIVING. Also Dave relates to some of the things truckers should not ever do, with a trucker story or two! SOME ARTICLES FROM OUR WEBSITE YOU MAY LIKE: SPECS FOR THE 1987 377 PETERBILT IN THE VIDEO - 7 MOUNTAIN DRIVING TIPS FOR TRUCK DRIVERS DANGERS OF BEING OVERCONFIDENT AS A TRUCK DRIVER MACK TRUCK PHOTO COLLECTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE to learn more tips and advice especially for the trucker! MORE GREAT TIPS FOR TRUCKERS ON OUR BLOG! SHOP FOR TRUCKER GEAR & STUFF! LET'S CONNECT! -- -- -- -- -- http://www.instagram/smartttrucking DISCLAIMER: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.we may receive commissions if you purchase something. We don't recommend anything we would not use or love to use ourselves. Thank you for your support! Music From Youtube Library Song: Atlanta

Roads in USA vs Europe China and Russia

Ever wondered how some countries are more efficient and productive with everything they do? In this video we'll compare roads in USA, Russia, China and Europe. I love driving so when I'm traveling I cant help but compare road quality in different countries. Its one of the most important parts of the infrastructure of a country. Enjoy the video and tell me what you think.

Top 10 Best Road Systems In The World | Under The Dark Sky

☸Watch the top 10 best road construction from around the world. The quality in construction and planning makes these countries be proud of the best and unmatched public transport facilities they provide for the citizens. Wide roads, cycling path and safety for pedestrians, drivers and passengers are given uncompromising priority. Some routes are best for its scenic beauty. Strict rules are followed by the drivers or they will be punished, and these driving practices are monitored by the transport safety authorities 24x7. These highways are equipped with state of the art technologies to attend any casualties and other distress calls within minutes. For most of them, driving in these lanes is a dream and for others, it’s a routine. Watch the top 10 list of countries with best road transport infrastructure. This list of Countries Includes: Portugal, Austria, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Switzerland, Japan ♜Under The Dark Sky Visit Our Facebook Page Highlights:- ☸The UAE has been ranked first globally in the Quality of Roads Indicator, according to the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum, for the year 2015-2016. ☸The Portuguese road infrastructure is considered the best in Europe and the second best in the World by the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-2015. The scenic road between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, in Northern Portugal, was considered the World Best Driving Road, accordingly to the Avis Driving Index. ☸ Austria: Not only is the quality is great, extra care has been put to add in safety measures in Austria’s road networks. Another example of toll funded roads that have fared great results. Austrian traffic regulations and traffic signals are similar to those in force in other European countries. ☸The French are known for their complexity and so are their roads. Sure you might come across a lot of tolls along the way but the driving experience is sure to trump the minor expense. The roads are smoother and perfectly stand up to one’s expectations. ☸Touted as one of the densest road networks in the world, Netherlands roads have its fair share of motorways, expressways and trunk roads, and most of them even have cycle tracks. ☸Singapore:Touted as one of the densest road networks in the world, Netherlands roads have its fair share of motorways, expressways and trunk roads, and most of them even have cycle tracks. ☸Hong Kong: It is a wide-known fact that Hong Kong is a forerunner when it comes to infrastructure, partly because of its early growth since the colonization days and party because of robust funds invested by the administration actively areas. Be sure to forget the expectation of bumpy roads. ☸Oman: Even though the country faces obvious hardships in road construction due to its rough contours, Oman has managed to put in enough time and money to built magnificently smooth roads, and makes a praiseworthy entry among the countries with the best roads in the world. ☸Switzerland: The quality of Switzerland’s railroads ranks first in the entire world. The motorways are systematic, with emergency lanes mostly present and strict speed limits and condition. ☸Japan: No another country has probably put more thought into developing their infrastructure and roads as Japan, so much so that, they have even created some unusually thoughtful ‘Melody roads’. The quality is top-notch and the motorways and trunk roads are well-maintained and planned. ♜Under The Dark Sky This channel does not aim at particular trends or category. It’s everything when it comes to entertainment. Anything under the dark sky that has characteristics of information, interests, humor, amazing facts and knowledge based subject is presented in the ways you enjoy. Like, share & Subscribe


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I'm about to die of pollution! Dangerous Truck + Trailer driving, SWEDEN 2017

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Top 10 countries with deadliest roads for truck drivers.
7. USA
6. Greece
5. China
4. Chile
3. Ecuador
2. Mexico
1. Russia

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