Miner One - The World's Biggest Crowdfunded Crypto Mining Operation

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Miner One - Cutting-Edge Bitcoin Mining. Crowdfunded.

Not a pool. Not a cloud. Miner One is today's most advanced mining equipment and low-cost electricity. So everyone profits. Be a part of it. Join us today.

Miner One ICO Review - Minerone

A review on an ICO i came across today whilst at work. Miner one is a commercial mining operation. It means that everyday folk like me and you dont need GPU CPU Mining Rigs etc to mine crypto currency. owning MIO tokens will entitle us to monthly payouts similar to shares/dividends in the normal world. MinerOne: https://wallet.minerone.io/Referal/2c1fb268-facb-4814-8660-8e052142c56a If you havent purchased crypto currency before and would like a common secure way of purchasing cryptocurrency quickly and safely. Coinbase is for you. Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a44dae7a8419b0173ecb159 Hope you enjoy the video so feel free to like share and comment. if you would like me to go through any ICO's then let me know Thank you for your time and hope you all have a great weekend. As with all videos, im not a financial advisor so would recommend all interested viewers do their own due dilligence. Website link can be found below

Only Profit ICO Miner One, profit in your master card. BTC up or Down you will warn money

BTC go UP or DOWN you will earn 20% monthly 460% ROI in 3 year BUY MINER ONE TOKENS WITH 39% BONUS: https://goo.gl/2qQB74 Official site: https://minerone.io/ White paper: https://goo.gl/vJYwMK The Miner One Difference Unlike a pool, it doesn’t rely on participants’ computing power. Unlike a cloud, it doesn’t rent you hashing power and charge you administrative feeds regardless of outcome. The Sweetener: Your Miner One Debit Card Your Miner One Debit Card gives you direct access to your B-Wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange for quick and convenient purchases and withdrawals. 82 percent of all MIO Tokens shall be available to public contributors during the Crowdsale. The remaining 18 percent shall be assigned to the ICO Bounty Program (2 percent), Research & Development (6 percent), and the Founders (10 percent).

What is Miner One Mining?

Miner One is a cutting-edge, crowdfunded bitcoin mining operation build and managed by a team of data centre industry experts on behalf of the Miner One Community. Join the Miner One Community: http://www.minerone.io

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Not a pool. Not a cloud. Miner One is today's most advanced mining equipment and ultra-low-cost electricity. So everyone profits.

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