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Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Subscribe to Motherboard Radio today! http://apple.co/1DWdc9d In October of last year Motherboard gained access to a massive, secretive Bitcoin mine housed within a repurposed factory in the Liaoning Province in rural northeast China. This is the infrastructure that keeps the digital currency’s decentralized network up and running, and its operators are profiting big time. The mine we visited is just one of six sites owned by a secretive group of four people, part of a colossal mining operation that, as of our visit, cumulatively generated 4,050 bitcoins a month, equivalent to a monthly gross of $1.5 million. Read more on Motherboard - http://bit.ly/Chinese-Bitcoin-Mine Up Next: The Beaver Slayers of Patagonia - http://bit.ly/Beaver-Slayers Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-MOTHERBOARD Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motherboardtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/motherboard Tumblr: http://motherboardtv.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/motherboardtv More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos

Colors For Children To Learn With Dump Truck Toys #w - Learn Colors with Soccer Balls for Kids

Colors for Children to Learn with #StreetVehicles for Kids #w | #Colours #DumpTruck & #SoccerBalls #forKids Welcome to learn colors channel with many colors for kids and babies! Please like, share, comment ! + Subscribe my Channel: https://goo.gl/AKrPjh + Google Plus: https://goo.gl/VMA79p + Facebook: https://goo.gl/9G5RTu Playlist: - Learn Colors for Children and Kids : https://goo.gl/zxJp4M - Colours Water Sliders for Kids : https://goo.gl/dBbTSE - Car Garage for Children : https://goo.gl/G2v4BC Watch more video: Colors for Children to Learn with Street Vehicles School Bus Toys #v |Colours Water Sliders for Kids https://youtu.be/9-wIq8XZSuY Colors for Children to Learn with Huge Parking and Glass Sliders Hot Wheels Toy #v |Parking for Kids https://youtu.be/aAEym0DvB7g Colors For Children To Learn With Street Vehicles Toys #v | See Saw Up And Down Games for Kids https://youtu.be/yzx7J5JtpBc Learn Colors with Street Vehicles Multi Level Car Parking System Hot Wheels Toy #v |Parking for Kids https://youtu.be/yzx7J5JtpBc Learn Colors with Street Vehicles Train Toys For Kids #v | Multi Level Parking for Kids https://youtu.be/NliOKg--spE Colors for Children to Learn with Street Vehicles Truck and Police Car Toys #v | Parking for Kids https://youtu.be/F5QF3CwhKUE Colors For Children To Learn With Street Vehicles Tractor Toys #v | Colours Magic Liquids For Kids https://youtu.be/sAJdcvBQHuE Colors For Children To Learn With Street Vehicles Tractor Toys #v | Colours Garage for Kids https://youtu.be/NBPwyrAF-EI Colors For Children To Learn With Street Vehicles Ambulance Toys #v | Colours Slider for Kids https://youtu.be/IoR2dP6r-ig Colors for Children to Learn with Street Vehicles Fire Truck Toys #v | Multi Level Parking for Kids https://youtu.be/QA_wXDiXAnw Colors for Children to Learn with Street Vehicles Garbage Toys #v | Colours Car Garage for Kids https://youtu.be/1RaGCB20y7U

Adding 220 Volt Outlets to the Garage

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Mining W/ The World's Smallest Bitcoin Miner - Worth the Money? Antminer U1

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Not a pool. Not a cloud. Miner One is today's most advanced mining equipment and ultra-low-cost electricity. So everyone profits.

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