Is cryptocurrency Mining effecting the environment? Cryptocurrency Podcast

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Cryptocurrency Interview ECC lead Developer

Today we interview Greg Griffith, the current lead dev on ECC, newly branded from E-currency coin.

Adosia: Blockchain Cultivation Security Innovation Cryptocurrency

Adosia is a multifaceted blockchain and hardware company that is utilizing the existing blockchain infrastructure to make home life a little easier with multiple lines of in home and office consume products focused on safety, convenience and ease of use. Based in an adtech world, the transition to blockchain has been an easy one with the power behind Adosia and it’s founder Kyle Solomon and his visionary use of blockchain technology to jumpstart a line of consumer products that help with agriculture, home safety, automation, and green energy. Cryptocurrently Interviews Adosia founder Kyle Solomon on his innovation in the blockchain sector, their cryptocurrency, their Bluponix cultivation unit, home security options using blockchain, and his insight into the world of blockchain 2.0 vs 3.0, cryptocurrency and much more.

Edgecoin Interview: Blockchain Based Education platform

Joined by Kambiz Djafari the CEO and Founder of EdgeCoin, the education company using blockchain to change the way we store and utilize education information. Kambiz goes in depth about how the education system needs to change, how important it is to teach the next generation of humans to be powerful leaders in business and politics and how edgecoin, their cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology can help.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Podcast Episode 4: Featuring Adosia CEO Kyle Solomon

Today we have Kyle Solomon on the podcast from Adosia Watch live as we discuss current news and topics on blockchain, cryptocurrency, Coin exchanges, and anything in the coin or blockchain world.

CryptoCurrently Interview with Chimaera IO Founder Andrew Colosimo

Check out our interview with the Founder of Chimaera IO, Andrew Colosimo. Andrew introduces the concepts of Chimaera IO, and how they are going to revolutionize the gaming industry using blockchain.

Today we discuss the impact of crypto mining on the environment, global climate change and the energy draw facing crypto miners, we discuss the GPU shortage at Nvidia ( while touching on the current market dip thanks to and a good look at our friends at Climate Coin
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