Pininfarina Relaunches as Electric Car Brand | new cars news 2018

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The Best Of Pininfarina

Die beste van Pininfarina , më të mirë të Pininfarina , أفضل من بينينفارينا , լավագույն Pininfarina , лепшыя Pininfarina , najbolje od Pininfarina , най-доброто от Pininfarina , sa labing maayo sa Pininfarina , yabwino ya Pininfarina , 最好的賓尼法利納 , 最好的宾尼法利纳 , det bedste af Pininfarina , la bona de Pininfarina , parima Pininfarina , najlepiej Pininfarina , das Beste von Pininfarina Battista Farina (1893-1966) worked in the workshop of his brother Giovanni, Plant Stabilimenti Farina was another company, even in family assets. Società Anonima own company Carrozzeria Pinin Farina in Corso Trapani founded in Turin precisely on May 22, 1930. The nickname "Pinin" (small, smaller and smallest brother) won as the second youngest child of eleven (!), Accompanied him all his life. .. The focus of the first works have become vehicles of domestic brands Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Isotta Fraschini-and Lancia, it was still on custom cars to order. Very soon, however, "dressed" and vehicles with three pointed star and even a Cadillac V16! In the mid-30s came into play teardrop aerodynamic creations ... but Battista wanted to design cars and large series, so separated from her brother. During World War II he produced military equipment, including aircraft parts needed ambulances, trucks and even gas stoves! Peaceful return to cars or nezbrzdil large fire factory complex. Born in cooperation with small factory Cisitalia Piero American soul and Nash, or just come out of the blue oval Dearborn. Many years of cooperation with the French Peugeot began in 1951, it is a pity that endured until today, current models if they needed it. A year later, it was added to the portfolio and Ferrari. The appearance of most of prototype and production models with the stylized letter "f" and the prancing horse was later taken care of Leonardo Fioravanti. In 1954, at the body shop and started production of complete vehicles. "Dress" for Ferrari, however, was in charge Scaglietti. Ono letter "f" referring to the original Farina nice.

Exclusive: Pininfarina reveals the HK GT Concept

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There are loads of facts about F1 cars and their amazing performance. But have you ever considered the design secrets for why they look the way they do? Here are some design secrets behind their scary performance, trademark look, and high price tag. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Be Amazed at these Top 10 F1 Car Design Secrets! Front and side wings - An F1’s aerodynamics is the most important factor that design engineers have to consider. Controlling aerodynamics at Formula One’s intensity is painfully technical, requiring mastery of down-force and drag, and the front wing is the most important element in this. Airbox - Also known as the engineer intake – the airbox sits right above the driver’s head. It’s crucial that air passes through this opening undisturbed at high velocity, so that the F1’s ten cylinders have good quality air to feed on for combustion. Side pod - Travelling at 200mph takes a lot of power and heat – side pod openings direct air currents for internal cooling. Bargeboards - Bargeboards are the F1’s only parts that do not double as structural components. These sculpted bodywork pieces only serve to maximise aerodynamics and to increase cooling, by channelling air towards the side pods. Underfloor - An F1’s underfloor alone produces around 40% of the total down-force acting on the car, pressing it to the ground. Rear and side wings - F1’s are perhaps most known for their trademark rear wing. While it looks cool, it’s really a devious feature that adds to the underbody’s drag, and balances the car along its full length. Brakes - F1 drivers are worse than your granddad – they break at the last possible moment as a norm. So obviously there is no room for inaccuracy. Steering wheel - Think of this as the most complicated handheld games console you’ve ever seen – controlling things from rear wing flaps, and radio control to talk to engineers, to steering sensitivity – there’s even a yellow button known as the ‘overtake button’ that, like nitro in The Fast and Furious movies, gives the car a boost of power. Wheels - Formula One tire theory is sometimes referred to as the dark arts – the sheer number of variables, including: temperature, pressure, driving style, track conditions and weather, make it hard to be precise. Carbon-fibre frame - Every part of the F1 car’s bodywork you can see, is made from carbon-fibre. Carbon composite reinforcement is also used for the brake discs.

Pininfarina Relaunches as Electric Car Brand | new cars news 2018
Free Price Quote From a Local Dealer Pininfarina has rolled out a slew of electrified car concepts, and now we know why. The renowned Italian design f...
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