My PS5 And Xbox Two Next-Generation Consoles Predictions (Daily Gaming News)

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When Will Sony Launch The PS5?

In this week's video, I take a look at all the available clues we have to try and figure out when Sony will launch their next console. And while we may not see the PS5 soon, it is certainly closer than a lot of people think!

Next Generation Console Details & Predictions | TURBO Jesse

As we enter the holiday season and get closer 2019 I've started thinking about what will next year bring us in terms of new or updated consoles.. Will we get new switch update? Will the PS5 be announced? What has Microsoft up too? In this video, I discuss what we know about the next generation of these consoles and also give you some predictions of what I think is on the way. If you enjoy this video please consider subscribing. Thanks. Support the channel: Patreon: Merchandise: Donations: Follow me on social media: Join my Discord: Follow me on Twitter: #PS5 #NintendoSwitch2019 #XboxScarlett

Let's Talk About the PS5 and Xbox 2

The Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox 2 are starting to pop up at E3 2018 but is it time for next gen game consoles? The Ultimate PlayStation Comparison: Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

PS5 is coming - Release Date 2019 - Colteastwood Playstation 5

PS5 is coming sooner than you think! Did you really think Sony was going to let Xbox Scorpio sit on the PS4 for the next 2 years!? I make a compelling case for PS5 in 2019 SOURCE: Sony doesn't need PS5 to kick Scorpio's butt -,news-24995.html SOURCE: Pachter PS5 prediction: SOURCE: Tom's Guide PS5 prediction:

Michael Pachter: Microsoft Wants Next Gen Xbox "Scarlett" To Launch Before PS5

Michael Pachter has put out the prediction that Microsoft wants to launch the next gen Xbox "Scarlett" before Sony launches the PS5. Source: If you would like to support the channel and see it grow, you can donate here: Thanks for checking out the video and stopping by the channel. If you enjoy the video, please hit that like button and consider subscribing to the channel for more future content. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Xbox Live: PSN ID: Rand_al_Thor19 Switch Friend Code: SW-6438-0735-7885 Twitter: Mixer: Twitch:

This Is My Prediction video On The Upcoming PS5 And Xbox Next-generation consoles. In This Daily Gaming News Video Am Giving My Predictions on PlayStation and Xbox next-generation consoles And talking about the Possible specs and what do we know for Fact and are expectations for the Xbox Two and PS5. What will they look like? What kind of hardware will they be packing? What kinds of games will be made possible by this hardware? Will Sony or Microsoft have the upper hand?

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