The Great Toy Battle!!! (stop motion)

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DRAW Stop Motion entry in 2012 Halo Mega Blocks Toymation Contest by Goodwill Hunter

Go here to sign into the Bloks Brigade and vote! Apparently it's okay to upload entered stop motions to YouTube during the contest as many others have already done it. So here it is, DRAW, my entry in the 2012 Halo Mega Bloks Toymation Contest in the Comedy section. Voting at the above link is open until November 5th, so if you find it entertaining, I'd really appreciate your logging into the Bloks Brigade and voting for DRAW...thanks!

The Great Toy Battle!!! Part 2

The battle rages on! Oh the destruction!


LOZAUS1 NEW STOP MOTION Channel TRAILER HULK SNEAK PEEK A Compilation of my Stop Motion videos showing the SPIDERMAN, IRONMAN and SCARBU Action Figure series. Also a sneak peek of HULK who will appear alongside IRONMAN, SPIDERMAN & DEADPOOL in... IRONMAN STOP MOTION Action Figure Part 3 SPIDERMAN STOP MOTION ACTION FIGURE SERIES... Part 1 also showing at: Part 2 also showing at: Part 3 also showing at: Part 4 also showing at: Part 5 also showing at: Part 6 also showing at: Part 7 also showing at Part 8 also showing at Part 9 also showing at: Part 10 also showing at: IRONMAN ACTION FIGURE STOP MOTION SERIES IRONMAN Part 1 : IRONMAN Part 2 : SCARBU STOP MOTION SERIES.. Scarbu Stop Motion Action Video showing at Scarbu Stop Motion Action Video Part 2 showing at Scarbu Stop Motion Action Video Part 3 showing at LOZAUS1 SOCIAL MEDIA SITES Check out the latest news, info and "Behind The Scenes" stuff on the links below.. lozaus1 Twitter page: lozaus1 facebook page: lozaus1 Instagram: lozaus1 Google plus: Skeleton stop motion action figures supplied by Luca and Stefano D'Amore from Fattel, Handmade and Customized Action Figures from Naples Italy. Check them out at Music and music license acquired from... Also and from Video Copilot Most sounds were made by us, purchased from and some need to be credited to the following members/users of Those members and sounds are as follows swosh.aif by man babyrhinos__layered-punch-sound-effect thefsoundman__punch-02 extended Cinematic Bass Boom by CosmicEmbers indiana-jones-style-punch.wav by thebondman project-trident__kung-fu-punches mwlandi__pumpmkin-guts-long splat flasher21__splat martineerok__indigeous-kicks Fist Punch 3.mp3 by CGEffex Thud-dry.wav by juskiddink punch.wav by ekokubza123 car breaking skid-iberian runa omar-alvarado__impact-hit timbre__remix-of-robinhood76-01914-punches-and-slaps-variations halleck__big-metal-side-impact julien-nicolas__impact-gravier joelaudio__quick-smash sneeze oldedgar timmy-h123__sword-draw-02 freefire66__swordraw. girls laughing from opening_a_soda_can.mp3 by morgantj Brutal Slaps by Project_Trident heavy-machine-gun shawnyboy WoodSmashAndFall_04.wav by zimbot Crash02.wav by FreqMan Volvo 740 gle handbrake turn.flac by Audible- edge 63hornntg2ccl.wav by Chippy569 Transformer sound.wav by m_O_m kicking-forcing-breaking-wooden-door.flac by qubodup pawelbas__race-car-subaru-screeching-tires crash17 toys.wav by FreqMan WoodSmashAndFall_04.wav by zimbot neck_crack.wav by Halleck 01820-futuristic-space-foley.wav by robinhood76

Awesome Little Green Men | A Few Dumb Men | Episode 2 Compilation | Cartoons for Children

➡️️➡️️➡️️ Subscribe to Awesome Little Green Men - Although small in stature, Awesome Little Green Men's larger than life expressions lets you know just how serious they are about the mission! With more than 100 unique characters to collect and trade (including super rare figurines) this now toy is more than a collectable- it's an awesome battle game, too! General Pain, General Panic, General Destruction, and General Graves lead the troops, with the goal to build the best squad in order to win the game! Each pint-sized character is a member of a special unit, all with seriously funny names such as "Private Porkchop," "Captain Obvious," and "Sergeant Swag." Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to lead your team of Awesome Little Green Men to victory! Little Soldiers, Big Battles! Share your Awesome Little Green Men videos and photos using #AwesomeLittleGreenMen #ALGM Let's Be Friends! Website: Where to Buy: YouTube:

Toy Wars Revolution Part 2 Trailer

The Revolution continues... Once I can confirm a release date I will post another trailer.

One of the greatest toy battles that has ever taken place! Who will come out victorious? The Spartans or the mini Spartans? The Clone Troopers or the Scout Regiment? Iron man or Dead pool? Who will win? Who else will join in! Whats even happening anymore! Has the world gone mad!

Part 2:

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