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5 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online

5 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online We have researched some of the best file-sharing platforms which you should have in your phone. Of course, I rated these apps based on the ease of usage as well as some pros and cons that come with them. So, let’s dig into the list to know 5 Best Ways to Send Large Files Online. 1. WeTransfer Website: Android App: Feature: Very Simple File sharing procedure. - Sending files to your friends without even registering. - Free 20gb file size limitation per transfer 2. Pibox Website: App: Feature: - Most unique file-sending platforms. - This app lets you chat with your friends in a messenger-like mode. - After registering, you will be given a free 3 GB storage to use. 3. Filemail Website: App: Feature: - Sharing or sending simplicity. - No need to register to start sending files to your friends. - Filemail offers 30 GB size limitation for file sending. 4. Send Anywhere Website: App: Feature: - Send Anywhere takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. - Secure File Sharing. 5. Pcloud Pcloud offers free service to send your big files up to 5GB instantly. - Its simple interface allows you to upload multiple files through drag and drop. - you can add up to 10 of your friends to receive your files. - Encrypt your files to achieve data security.

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10 COOL NEW Android Apps of the Month - MAY 2018

Presenting cool new Android apps to begin the month of May 2018. These new Android apps are pretty useful for everyone and we are sure you will like every single one of them. So without any further delay, download them all. Follow on Instagram for daily new apps, Live videos and Jarvis like theme: Download Links: Opera Touch: the fast, new browser with Flow Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done Audiobook Reader: Turn any ebook into an Audiobook Caller ID, Contacts Phone Book & Calls: Eyecon Dynamic Rotation Control AIO Launcher 4K Wallpapers - Ultra HD Backgrounds Glitch Video Effects - Glitchee Edge Screen - Edge Action - Apps on Google Play KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker Jarvis UI V.2 klwp theme ***************************************************************** Guiding Tech (GT) Social Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: GT Team Social Links: Abhijeet (Twitter): Ashish (Twitter): Abhijeet (Instagram): Ashish (Instagram):

How To Send Big Files Without Losing Quality |Android Best Apps |Technical Jagattu

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App Link:

Now You Can Send Big Files Without Losing Quality using these apps.Best Android Apps to share big files.These are the new app or apk help to send files without compress video or file size.

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