Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Ending Scenes HD (New Game +)

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Dragon's Dogma - 'Peace' Ending (True Ending 2) [Total #5/8]

Ell Endings Explained: http://tinyurl.com/DDTrophyGuide Sign up @ PS3Trophies.org: http://tinyurl.com/7ookh2u A peaceful True Ending in Dragon's Dogma.. The 'Peace', took refuge in an illusion. All Endings Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1317D6A5E674A239 True Ending #1 - Servitude: http://youtu.be/WLgvT558Axk True Ending #2 - Peace: - True Ending #3 - Mercy: http://youtu.be/dvO55wHRTS0 True Ending #4 - Closure: http://youtu.be/GWHhFAdnrjA Ending #1 - Solitude: http://youtu.be/4HPg5Fv2tA8 Ending #2 - Destiny: http://youtu.be/e7BrTv1hoho Ending #3 - Treacherous: http://youtu.be/aKvN08OhEho New Game Plus Ending - Mercy: http://youtu.be/umptGEkAsHo

Dragon's Dogma How to get Strong Weapons and Armors Early

My full walkthrough of how to get strong weapons and armors early in the game no need for downloading the weapons and armor dlc when you can do this! Carrot Gold Exploit still works after the patch all you have to do is DELETE the PATCH and play your game OFFLINE and exploit it then when you're ready to play ONLINE again download the patch!!! Thanks and mad props to whoever (him/her) that found and introduced the carrot gold trick! The Strong Weapons and Armors walkthrough was found by me, maybe people knew about this guide already but I haven't seen anyone done this yet so I guess I'm taking the credit for it LOL! I'm just sayin!

The best part of Dragon's Dogma

The best part of Dragon's Dogma Title says it all. ►Follow on Twitter for notifications on new vids: http://bit.ly/silvermonttwitter ►Silver Mont Patreon page: http://bit.ly/MontPatreon ►Paypal Donations http://bit.ly/MontPaypal ►Channel Artist's Web-store http://rdbl.co/1WUutgl ►The official Silver Mont Steam Group: http://bit.ly/silvermontsteam

Dragon's Dogma - Arousing Suspicion Failed

That awkward moment when your husband cries out someone else's name in bed. For those who wanted to know what happens if you let the duke have his way with Aelinore.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Farming Daimon

Assassin: Still Broken I wasn't on his head in the first form but I couldn't be bothered moving. I could have killed him faster there. I also forgot to bring my Gloves of Might which increase climbing speed. Very helpful to save invisibility time.

I originally just uploaded this to show a friend but I believe this game deserve more love and attention so here I am showing one of the best part of the game, its ending fights and scenes in high definition (which is lacking in Youtube due to the game's age). This video happens from Deny Salvation onwards, though some scenes are removed to avoid the video from being too boring/long.


Let me just make it clear that this is the first time I completed the game in New Game+ so when my previous Arisen appeared instead of Savan, I was absolutely surprised and extremely overjoyed. That is the other reason why I wanted to upload this. I really did not see that coming and I was very satisfied that I was recording when it happened.


Otherwise, I hope this interests some of you wonderful folks!

For those who got interested in the story before they get too spoiled, here's a short synopsis:

Dragon's Dogma is about your character of an English medieval time having their heart stolen by a Dragon, though you somehow survive without it and become known as an "Arisen". Becoming one allows you to create a Pawn, an artificial human, who follows you without question, while also allowing you to control the already existing Pawns made from Arisens before you (this is where the Online parts come in. You can hire other people's Pawns). The game is primarily centered around you trying to regain it and helping the folks in this dangerous world but as you learn more about being an Arisen, you realize there is more to this tale than just another typical cliche "man vs Dragon" story.

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