Jerry Stiller's Seinfeld Secrets

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Seinfeld - Highlights of Mr. & Mrs. Costanza 1

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Seinfeld: The Elaine Story

Rodney Dangerfield Has Dean Martin in Stitches (1972)

One of Rodney Dangerfield’s many appearances on The Dean Martin Show. On this November 23, 1972 recording, he tells the crowd all about his tough neighborhood and his wife. After delivering some great jokes on stage, he sits down with Dino in the cocktail lounge to share some more laughs. Rodney and Dean end up agreeing that neither of them gets enough respect. 00:23 “In my neighborhood, everybody’s tough. Even the people in business. There’s a bank on my block. If you open a savings account, they give you a free carving knife and point out two victims.” 00:39 “Everytime I set the alarm, my wife turns it off. She says what I earn, it don’t pay to get up.” Subscribe to channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Larry David: Earth to America

Earth to America! Live at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, November 17, 2005

Jason Alexander Talks About A Favorite Seinfeld Moment

Selected full Forums now available at Jason Alexander, "George" from Seinfeld, describes a day of shooting from behind the scenes at Seinfeld during "It's Satire!" Forum. Other panelists were Samantha Bee and David Javerbaum and the moderator for The Forum was Randy Cohen. Learn more about The Connecticut Forum and upcoming events at See FULL FORUMS at

Jerry Stiller reveals surprising backstage tidbits about his role on the iconic sitcom.

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