Best Home Pressure Washer - Simpson Review

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Spray on House Cleaner - Mold House Wash

We review our favorite spray on house cleaner and house wash used to remove mold, dirt, and mildew. The hose end sprayer cleans your house in minutes and is now the only product we use. Here is a link to a pack of them. Doc

Simpson PS4240H Pressure Washer Review and Initial Thoughts

In this episode I check out a new pressure washer by Simpson Cleaning. Will the Simpson PS4240H meet my expectations or will it disappoint and fall flat like the Briggs & Stratton S2000P?? Links to Products I Use: Spreaders & Sprayers: Earthway 2050P Spreader: Earthway Spreader Rain Cover: HDX 1 Gal. Hand Sprayer: Field King Backpack Sprayer: Mark-It-Blue: Pressure Washer Equipment: Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips: Briggs and Stratton Surface Cleaner: Flexzilla 100’ Water hose: SIMPSON Cleaning 4200 PSI 4 GPM Pressure Washer: SIMPSON Cleaning 150-Foot 4500 PSI Cold Water Extension Hose: Tools and Accessories: Toro TimeMaster Lawn Mower: Toro TimeMaster Replacement Blade Kit: Toro TimeMaster Tune Up Kit: Toro TimeMaster Lawn Striping System: Greenworks Dethatcher: Razorback Thatch Rake: Oregon .080 Gatorline: Sthil After Market Edger Blades: Stihl Air Filters: Stihl Kombi Attachment Sleeve Replacements (Off brand): Garden Weasel Edger: Black and Decker Edger and Trencher: Black and Decker Edger/Trencher Blade Replacements: Bernzomatic Lawn Torch: Vee Gee Soil Thermometer: Other Products I Use: AcuRite Rain Gauge: SureCan Fuel Containers: Multipurpose Workbench: Scotts Rags in a Box: SunCast 8’ x 13’ Shed: Trager Texas Grill/Smoker: Traeger Hickory Pellets: Soil Savvy Test Kit:

Cutting Wet grass

Cutting wet grass or cutting a wet lawn is something we try and avoid at all costs.. Grass clippings will clump and not settle into the turf. This is a common cause of disease. Whenever possible, cut your grass dry.


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The Real Truth About Living Off Grid With Solar Energy

We have unlimited power now, right?! Not quite. We discuss what it means to live with our new off grid 5.2kw solar array and how we manage power living off the grid. **UPDATE** Was Our Off Grid Solar System a Mistake?: RESOURCES: Want To Support Our Efforts? Buy Us a Beer! Guildbrook Farm Tees: RELATED VIDEOS: Why Are We Off Grid? Our Reasons For Off-Grid Living: Is It Cheaper Off-Grid? Our First 5 Months Living Off The Grid: How We Found Our Off Grid Homestead Property: Building a DIY Off Grid Solar System: Guildbrook Farm is an off grid, modern homestead located in the foothills of Appalachia. We take you along on our journey to become more self reliant by growing an organic garden, raising heritage breed chickens and pigs, improve our skills in canning and food preservation, building off the grid renewable energy systems, prepping for events such as natural disasters, and learning old time skills. Join us as we build an off-grid cabin and homestead from raw land while remaining debt-free. Follow our successes and failures as we learn to live a more simple, sustainable lifestyle. Thanks for watching! Jeremy, Jaime, Marina, and Ilaria ❤️ Guildbrook Farm 201 Tom Hall Street #1171 Fort Mill, SC 29715-1171

Doc has years of pressure washing experience and in this video he reviews the Simpson 3200 psi pressure washer he bought for his home use. This pressure washer is compact, lightweight, and has a ton of cleaning power. Remember to visit the website for all the links to accessories he shows.

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