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Обзор Type 90 "ИМПЕРАТОР РАНДОМА в ПАТЧЕ 1.79 Project-X" | War Thunder

Тайп 90 патч 1.79 Project-X На голду и прочее ХМ-1 (GM) со скидкой Centurion Mk 5 AVRE скидка - Наша группа в ВК Регистрация в игре Поддержать автора PayPal: Webmoney: Доллары Z324092206654 Евро E107223147954 Рубли R180767210729 Гривны U330431460896 Yandex 41001338199538

War Thunder : Type 90 Play 1

10 RAREST SKINS In Fortnite Battle Royale! | MAKO GLIDER, Secret BANNER Icon, SKINS + Pickaxe + MORE

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War Thunder type 90 MBT

90식의 미갈 진압기

Ghost in the shell (NA Version) - Type-90 - War Thunder Gameplay (My New Waifu)

NA Version (certain music tracks removed) of the Ghost in the shell video, the original can be found here: (Not available in Austrialia, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and the USA.) The Type-90 is the new 9.7 BR addition to the Japanese Rank 6 units, I decided to pair off the Leopard 2A4 test drive with the Type-90 as I was expecting XM-1 spam (I've not been disappointed). However, without a team mate playing as the Germans it means playing with the XM-1's more often than not and this is the main downside (other than no armour on the LFP) of the vehicle. This video contains my first two matches with the unit, both were solo - one with the XM-1's as allies and one with the Leopard 2A4's. The queue times (as shown) have been quite painful... The design for the Type-90 is obviously heavily influenced by the Leopard 2 series of tanks and indeed it's quite a modern design with production starting in 1990. With regards to it being in War Thunder I was expecting a "prototype" in the name as the 1990 version is almost 20 years ahead of the most modern soviet tank in game (as can be seen with the ammo), also considering its' armour which isn't amazing and the mantlet can be easily penetrated by the T-64B stock APFSDS round. That being said there's also the issue of the JM33 round being given to the Type-90, but the Leopard 2A4 doesn't get the DM33 round from which the JM33 is derived... The Type-90 doesn't always fight alongside the Germans and this is the true problem with the vehicle, especially at the moment with XM-1 spam being just as bad as other premium releases in previous patches for War Thunder. It will probably take another 3 months (aka another patch) for this to "settle" down to acceptable levels. Currently out of the two new 9.7's the Type-90 is my favourite, but the Leopard 2A4 won't fight alongside the XM-1 scrub-spam and therefore will perform better for the moment in comparison overall. This was recorded on day one of the patch release and as with anything #Gaijined things can and will probably change in the course of time. The footage has been edited down substantially from what was available. No Time Stamping. Audio intact, just me on this one. Sound may fade in and out throughout due to the use of the song removal tool. Music: The majority of tracks are from the Ghost in the shell - A Stand Alone Complex OST (all removed via the Youtube songremoval tool), there are also a few tracks from the Red Alert 3 OST. Facebook: Support DodgerRoger on Patreon: Watch DodgerRoger live at Play War Thunder for free and earn 50 ingame gold with this link: Overclockers referral link: Current Specs (Red Rig): Titan Bayonet Overclocked Gaming PC; Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz (Skylake), Gigabyte Z170-Gaming K3 Intel Z170, DDR4 ATX Motherboard, Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Edition 8192MB GDDR5X PCI-Express Graphics Card, Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz Quad Channel Kit - Black.

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