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TOP 50 FUNNIEST FAILS IN PUBG The 50 best PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Funny Moments! PUBG Fails, WTF Funny Moments & Random Moments all in one video. • Submit your PUBG clips: • Subscribe for more PUBG Funny Moments: ► More Funny & Epic Moments: • BF1 Epic & Funny Moments #22: • GTA 5 Fails #37: • Rainbow Six Siege Fails #3: ► Featured Playlists: • Rainbow Six Siege: • Battlefield 1: • GTA 5 Fails: ✦ Submit your clips: ► FOLLOW US HERE: • Subscribe: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Google Plus: ► Gameplay by: Phrogs: ThePandaJPN: | mammuTziano: Dorlan: ItsTheKoolAidMan: McSlapChop: fuzzface49: the_tiger_boy: MikeNasty: Skruf2o: Nillaaa: Suspencee: ManOfTheMen: Cithals: cvsmilezzz321: MooseOnTheLoose: Cmdr. Zander: MECHATONIX: TheLegend21: Ragnarbeast: Bajsmannen: kadkata: subtleeaj: psp4804: Daropion: Saches: Suprapixel: Nekrawl: Steelkenny: REINERJANG: Roddan: NSBee: Flopi: Xa Pureblood: drunkbaby: Smienov: ThisGameIsRacist: FPS_Eager: TrueGent: pacificsoba: Taronar: EatOrDie: justORCA: Mythical_Hypna: henpenben: KingFishy: Egore: OzarkDave: Vansh: Oddion: If there are any mistakes with the credits, please contact me here:

PUBG vs Fortnite

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds meets a very colorful enemy. Fortnite and PUBG face each other in a frenzy of battle royale madness. Credits: Grillz: Michael Scott ( Glasses: Jesse Johnson ( The Black Knight: Rodney Mosley ( Raptor: Jacob Tyler Brown ( Christmas man: Latavian Johnson ( Pan man: Park Lanford ( Knocked dude: Ge'Shaun Faison ( Pickaxe swinger: Ethan Patterson ( Pan swinger: Jolli Khoo ( PUBG girl who gets pwned by the Knight: Rachel Haislip ( The Skull Trooper: Tink Pendergrass ( Guy who yells "AK": Johny Bosworth ( Sound: Raven Duda ( Soundtrack: The point of this video isn't necessarily to say that PUBG is better than Fortnite or vise versa. They're both great games in their own right. I made this to show some of the cool/funny moments that could happen if they collided.

PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep. 32

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PUBG Mobile: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

With PUBG still being huge on PC and Xbox One, the player base is about to get huge-r(?) with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launching on mobile. Not only does this port feature everything you'd expect in the PC and Xbox Versions, it's got a few things up it's sleeve too! For more awesome content, check out: Catch us on Facebook at: And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming

Korea’s Internet Addicts

Some teens in South Korea are so addicted to gaming, they can no longer distinguish what’s real and what’s not. Dateline follows them as they go through intense month-long digital rehab. For more on Dean Cornish's story, go to the SBS Dateline website...

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