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Cxbx Reloaded Emulating Jet Set Radio Future JPN Demo

Just a quick viewing of the intro to JSRF. I'm using an old laptop that for some reason has it's power backwards, so when I unplug the power cable it'll jump to the 60fps. This was captured with the Windows 10 game recorder.

Cxbx-Reloaded Xbox Emulator - Ninja Gaiden Ingame! HW Mode (119b760)

Cxbx-Reloaded Xbox Emulator - Ninja Gaiden Ingame! HW Mode + FXAA (119b760) Subscribe for more videos Support Cxbx-Reloaded on Patreon: JohnGodgamesHD Channel subscribe: Visit us at for more Cxbx-Reloaded is an emulator for running Microsoft Xbox (and eventually, Chihiro) games on Microsoft Windows. The project began its life as a fork of Cxbx, with added 64-bit support. Work is currently underway to backport some of the improvements made from Dxbx. Cxbx-Reloaded is early in development, however it is progressing almost daily: We now boot more titles than ever before, with more and more reaching gameplay. Footage taken from: Testing some of commercial games.Stay tuned for news. BE A FACEBOOK FAN: soon? Visit us at for more Cxbx-Reloaded GITHUB - PC specs: CPU - Intel Core i7 8700K @ 5.0 Ghz RAM - G.SKILL 32GB DDR4 3600MHz CL16 GPU - GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB OS - Windows 10 64bit

Halo Infinite: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC) was announced at E3 2018. Details are still slight and the game is a ways off, but here's all of the info we managed to gather. Subscribe for more:

CXBX-R | Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate (Playable / 60 FPS)

CXBX-R Patreon: i7 2600 3.8 Ghz (Turbo) + CM Blizzard T2 16GB DDR3 1600 Mhz Kingston HyperX Zotac GTX 1070 8GB Windows 10 Pro x64 AA 8x + AF 16x enabled in Nvidia control panel. 0:08 Build used (02d60565): Se inscreva para mais vídeos! Subscribe for more videos!

RPCS3 EMULATOR Uncharted drake's fortune # Chapter 6

CPU- i7- 7700K GPU- ASUS STRIX GTX 970 RAM- 16GB 2400MHZ

엑스박스 게임 헤일로 데모 컴퓨터 다운로드 및 설치 그리고 실행 간단한 설명서 - [에듀엑스]

1. Halo Demo ISO 다운
2. CXBX Reloaded 에뮬레이터 다운
3. 설치 및 설정 후 실행 끝.

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