Using an old £1000 ($1300) Gaming PC For The First Time In 10 Years...

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$69 Gaming PC

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Saving The OG Intel Heatsink!

Last week we cleaned up and powered on a PC that hadn't been touched in nearly 10 years. During the process I threw away one of Intel's better stock coolers, because it seemed like it was well and truely done for and doomed to a dusty grave. Today it's time to fix my mistake and retrieve the copper core heatsink fan combo, clean it up, and hope that it can help deal with some pretty high CPU temperatures. Thanks for watching :)

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This Mesh gaming system was built nearly a decade ago, used for a year or so and then put into storage until I bought it a couple of days ago. What lays within this time capsule of components, and does it still work after all these years out of action?

Well let's open it up , clean it up and take an in depth look at what's inside!

Thanks for watching :)

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