Mercedes test drive day - choosing my 2nd FM World Mercedes car

author Sharon Howat   6 дн. назад

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Imagine winning a free, all original, 1957 Plymouth Belvedere classic car with only 4 miles on the odometer that is interwoven with the local culture and heritage. Sounds amazing right? Ok here's the catch, the car doesn't run, is held together only by rust and mud, and has spent the last 50 years buried in a waterlogged concrete vault. Who put it there and why? Let's find out. Unusual Cars -

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When you build a successful team with FM World (and any country), you can qualify for an allowance to get a gorgeous Mercedes car. I have been lucky enough to have qualified for 3 cars since I started my FM business and the first one was a Peugeot at 6 months from starting a team I then achieved a Mercedes A class for reaching Pearl Orchid level and then went the Mercedes C class for achieving Amaranth Orchid Level - but I do love my A class!! So today I got to test drive my 2nd Mercedes FM car as my current one needs upgrading soon, and this was what I drove today a gorgeous AMG A Class and an automatic!!!

I do love the A Class!

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