Dojão Americano

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Dojão americano 2

68 Charger

1600 HP Twin Turbo - Formula Offroad!

A nelson racing powered formula offroad car. Twin Turbo Ford V8. Turbo troll drived by the Icelandic driver, Guðbjörn Grímsson. Produced by; Bjørn Michaelsen, Insane Racing twin turbo off road extreme insane hill climb

Badass Diesel Turbo RAT ROD Pickup

It's not fast, it's not pretty, but it's FUN AS HELL... Rollin coal down the highway towing his camper trailer, it's quite the sight to see! Take a tour of Troy Gubser's Turbo Diesel rat rod pickup! This thing sure has character, and it's a blast to roll around in! Footage from the Nebraska Diesel Show 2014

New World Garage Charger 70 sabato pomeriggio

Dodge Charger 70 Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) If you want buy Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin on Coinbase! If you buy 100$ you got 10$ reward! Buy Electroneum on Cryptopia!

Oldsmobile Cutlass Drag Car - 3º Etapa do Paranaense de Arrancada 402M Curitiba

[Canal Max Power] Max Power Website - Minha Página no Facebook -

Pega entre Charger e Viper

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