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[AC] ラバーボーイ Lover Boy

アーケードゲームのラバーボーイ(Lover Boy)のプレイ動画です。

An Owe'd To Princess Peach II (Animated)

PLEASE READ: IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN HOW THIS CAME TO BE, THIS PLAYLIST HAS THE WHOLE BACKSTORY: Click here to see previous part: Click here to see next part: Transcript: After disposing of that little hassle, Our heroes continue to fly to the castle. Peach says using her suit was fun! Too bad that it's the very last one Once it wears off, it's gone forever. She will still have the shoes however. Pac-Man asks "They aren't part of the suit? But they have the same color and nails to boot!" Turns out that Peach had them custom-made. The heels in particular got an upgrade. Like Metal Mario, they can't be broke when stuck in the hole of a steering wheel spoke. This was so Peach could drive hands free to throw hammers at whatever she'll see. But the shoes would have too much weight for Peach to walk far in her normal state. She had to take a different approach so they were also put in the Heart Coach. Peach walked to her vehicle shoeless. Her trademark dress made everyone clueless. When with Pac-Man she made the switch, she slipped in the shoes without a hitch! Not only did they help her steer the kart, She asks Pac, "Aren't they a work of art?" "They certainly are," says the yellow dot-gobbler. "I guess that makes you a super "Peach cobbler"! They both have a laugh, and Peach would agree If she thought of a name to give them properly. Pac offers "Nail Slippers" as an option. The look on her face spelled instant adoption. By osculation, she thanks her friend. He is so stunned, that he starts to descend. Down they both go, but no need to fear. The Nail Slippers make great landing gear. Pac melts from getting kissed with such length. Once again, Peach doesn't know her own strength. Now she carries Pac, while sporting a look. With her Hammer Suit, Nail Slippers, and PAC-ketbook! This video was made purely for fun, dedication and parody; no copyright infringement intended. "Pac-Man & The Super Mario Bros."


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10 Most Controversial Video Games

Chiller 1986 (Arcade Gameplay)

Tried to do a text commentary for this one, although it probably just gets in the way... Anyway, this is my WAY, WAY too late Halloween video. A gameplay video of Chiller. This game was EXTREMELY controversial and virtually every country you can think of banned it. From what I know, it was basically only playable in Japan, and the US, assuming you could even find an arcade that had it. Could this be the goriest game ever made? Possibly, alongside Microsurgeon for Intellivision.

ZZZAX plays Loverboy

Rape is not ok BTW.

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