Swedish star: The Volvo S60 is completely new to the Polestar 415-HP| Cars.com | Review Car

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Drive first 2019 Volvo V60 new school Volvo's old | Cars.com | Car Reviews

Drive first 2019 Volvo V60 new school Volvo's old | Cars.com | Car Reviews Please, Like & Subscribe Car 3x ^^. Subscribe : https://goo.gl/cKv9wf Twitter.com : https://goo.gl/tRTfbG Share Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email The Volvo executive was maybe 25 percent joking during a briefing on the new V60 when he said, “If we do anything right, it’s a wagon.”Indeed. Since it introduced its first Duett in 1953, Volvo has sold six million wagons -- or estates, rancheras and kombis, as they’re labeled in other corners -- worldwide. Wagons accounted for roughly a third of all Volvo sales in the United State before the onslaught of SUVs and the introduction of the first XC90 in 2002Now comes the 2019 V60, just in time to catch a mini wagon wave lifting cars like the Buick Regal TourX, Jaguar XF Sport Brake and Volvo’s own V90. Wagons remain a tiny but profitable niche -- about 200,000 U.S. sales in 2017 -- and traditionally strong station wagon suppliers are loath to walk away. The next V60 is the wagon spin on Volvo’s revamped, midline S60 sedan, which Volvo has yet to release (even if it will actually be here months before the wagon). The V60 is a well-executed car, and, yes, we tend to be fond of wagons around here. Yet after a decent rain-soaked drive, even with that affinity and Volvo’s long-established wagon credentials, the V60 seems less enamoring than some other recently launched Volvos, including the small XC40 crossover. Get to that in a bit. The V60 is built from Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture platform, used under larger vehicles like the S90 and XC90, rather than the so-called Compact Modular Architecture under the recently launched XC40. Either way, the concept behind both is essentially the same: a modular platform that can be adjusted in any direction or dimension except the distance between the front axle and dash crossbeam (crucial for crash protection, and home to much of the powertrain).Volvo calls the new V60 midsize, but if initial volume estimates are correct, it fits the EPA’s small wagon category. Its steel unibody is ‘tweener, nonetheless, and larger than the 2018 V60. The old one fit easily within the same space as compacts like the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class (it was a bit smaller). At 187.4 inches in length, the ‘19 V60 is nearly 5 inches longer than before, on a 113.1-inch wheelbase that’s nearly 4 inches longer. The new V60 is larger than any of those Euro compacts and closer by exterior dimensions to midsize competitors like the A6, 5 Series and E-Class, and Volvo’s own V90 (though still smaller).The more obvious difference between old and new is appearance. The next V60 continues what has been called Volvo’s styling renaissance. It’s longer, lower and more engaging to behold. It looks more stylish and substantial than the ‘18 -- and less dorky from the B-pillar forward. There will be two powertrain options to start, both motivated by the only combustion engine Volvo currently offers in the States. In the base front-drive V60, Volvo’s modular 2.0-liter turbo-four presents at T5 grade, with 250 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The upgrade engine in the V60 T6 adds a belt-driven supercharge... #Drive #first #2019 #Volvo #V60 #new #school #Volvos #old #Carscom #Car #Reviews #car3x

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA 180 Urban - Reviews about cars | Cars.com | Car Reviews

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA 180 Urban - Reviews about cars | Cars.com | Car Reviews Please, Like & Subscribe Car 3x ^^. Subscribe : https://goo.gl/cKv9wf Twitter.com : https://goo.gl/tRTfbG Let's make one thing clear: this is not a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. As much as it looks like a taller version of the five-door hatch, this is in fact its crossover brethren, the GLA. Suited for those that want something slightly bigger than a hatchback, the GLA serves as the brand's smallest crossover offering and is part of the brand's New Generation Compact Car (NGCC) Range. The brand known the world over for making luxury sedans and go-anywhere SUVs have branched out to building cars that are hip, trendy and aimed directly at the younger generation. But has Mercedes-Benz struck the right balance in delivering luxury on what is essentially the first stepping stone in owning a high-riding three-pointed star? Would it please both the new car buyer as well as the existing customer base? In the looks department, I'd say Mercedes-Benz has made a dashing little crossover. As I've mentioned earlier, the GLA borrows its looks from the sporty A-Class. While not as sharp as the hatchback, the rounded curves and sweeping lines on the GLA makes for a sleek and classy crossover. There are even subtle hints of muscle present on the GLA thanks to the flared wheel arches and shapely doors. Notice anything different on the refreshed GLA? If you're hard pressed to find any exterior differences, so were we. With a keen eye however, we did manage to see what changes Mercedes-Benz applied to the 2018 update. Up front, it gets a bigger and sportier front grill along with new LED light signatures that give the car a meaner yet more mature look. There's also the new lower front bumper which adopts a sleeker and shinier appearance than before. Changes at the rear were minimal at best but it does now have a smoother-shaped rear bumper, tweaked LED taillights and a new tailgate-mounted spoiler. A base model this 180 Urban may be, yet I was surprised to know that Mercedes-Benz fitted this GLA with plenty of exterior add-ons. Auto-leveling LED headlights, all-around parking sensors, skid plates for the front and rear, and massive 18-inch alloy wheels come as standard on the GLA. Open the doors and the GLA greets you with heaps of black leather, soft-touch materials and metal trim pieces. Those familiar with the A-Class' cabin will feel right at home inside the GLA. But unlike the pre-updated version, the refreshed model gets a plethora of improvements like a thicker leather steering wheel, upgraded Comand infotainment system, restyled gauges and a bigger entertainment display. All of the seats were comfortable and offered plenty of lumbar and side support. I just wished that the front seats had more shoulder support. Legroom at the back was sufficient although passengers that are beyond 5'9 may find the accommodations a bit cramped. Some may find the manual air-conditioning system a bit of a letdown in the GLA but the redeeming factor however is that it keeps the cabin cool at even the hottest of days. The driver's side gets power seats (with memory function) while the passen... #2018 #MercedesBenz #GLA #180 #Urban #Reviews #about #cars #Carscom #Car #Reviews #car3x

Project BOOSTBUS - Making A Volvo S60 Straight Through Exhaust

Sup internet ? We are Bizarre Horse Power and this is Miles' BOOSTBUS S60 which will soon be running well over 300BHP !!! In this video we fabricate a completely straight through exhaust on a Volvo S60 2.0 Petrol. IT SOUNDS MAAAAAD Also i'd like to give a big shout out to Rich Wareham Engineering for helping us with his ninja welding skills: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warehameng/ Website: http://www.warehameng.co.uk/ Music: Mo Vibez X Creepa - DR777: https://youtu.be/aglY_eFY4I8 Keep up to date with our shenanigans here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BizarreHorsePower Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/101553381276862372373

Volvo XC60 Front and Reversing Camera Install With Volvotech Kit

My buddy filmed me installing this Volvotech XC60 front and rear reversing camera kit in my 2014 Volvo XC60. It allows you to add up to three external video sources as well as the reversing camera. It will even display moving steering guides when in reverse. This walk-through is a long film, but if you're considering doing this, it'll save you a whole ton of time. It took me 12 hours all in. If I'd watched this, it would have taken half that if not less. Happy viewing! You can buy this kit from these guys: http://www.volvotech.eu

Swedish star: The Volvo S60 is completely new to the Polestar 415-HP| Cars.com | Review Car

Polestar may be its own brand now, but it will also continue to act as the performance arm of Volvo for the foreseeable future. A new Polestar Engineered trim line offers upgraded performance to the upcoming third-generation Volvo S60 T8 as well as its V60 T8 wagon and XC60 T8 crossover SUV counterparts. With its turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter inline-four and electric motor, the gasoline-electric hybrid S60 T8 will be made even more powerful in Polestar Engineered form thanks to a revis...

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#Swedish #star #The #Volvo #S60 #is #completely #new #to #the #Polestar #415HP #Carscom #Review #Car

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