Shriners Race 2018 - 602 In-Car Video 6-12-18

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Shriners on Parade

No parade is complete without Shriners. They have the best toys ever! A video I took July 2, 2006 at the annual Madison, IN Regatta Parade.

(Freemason) Shriners-A Group of Extraordinary Men, Part 1

This video and further information about it can be found at: For information about Masonic renewal, visit the Masonic Renewal Committee of Canada, the United States and Mexico (MRC) at How to Join Freemasonry Follow Us Facebook Twitter Google+ Blogger

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Sunset in Charleston, SC 2014 - 4K Resolution (3840x2160)

This video feature 4k resolution (3840x2160) on the beach in Charleston, SC at sunset. Note: Maximum resolution will only be seen on supported monitors and TVs. Frame rate is ~30fps.

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