PS4 4.05 82 games (original ) 2 TO !!!!!

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Jailbreak ps4 version 4.05 sur installation des jeux video Sur Ps4

تهكير ps4 الإصدار 4.05 مع تركيب ألعاب الفيديو على Ps4 Contact: bouchta[@] commandez vous dès maintenant LIVRAISON PARTOUT AU MAROC Livraison partout au Maroc, Toutes les commandes sont expédiées en 1-5 jours. BESOIN D'AIDE? Contactez nous au 0667764243

Playstation 4 playload 4.55 !!!!! external hard drive

Playstation 4 playload 4.55 !!!!! external hard drive.. Playstation 4 slim .... 2 hard disk of 2 to.... -Download 4.55 and update via usb to 4.55 -Download Al-Azif for 4.55 from -Insert Playloads bin from!W9pzEYZB!on8Yl3hx8m_D5rXwos6HvTSgYvuobx_IzwkONj6KYDs (fulldebugsetting),!LpxXEY7T!1Sqdc61vY9BXu5AIUf5GKtiKieghndkbXYyFB1ZPKD8 (enable browser) and from here!CbJwlLAY!bODx6pIdF3UXl0vm2EmYWWJQHbex6K-_Wlz8HPn0c_c (holygrail) -Run Al-Azif -Point DNS from PS to PC -Open the Handbook guide -?Run the Payloads? Permanent Browser and ?Holy grale? -Restart PS -got to Browser and got to -Debug menu should pop up?


Follow me on twitter - Subscribe to me - Get Epsilon Mod Menu - YOU NEED TO HAVE YOU PS4 SET UP FOR THE 4.05 EXPLOIT! Games (you need to sign up to view them) - SET THIS DNS TO GET TO THE PS4 EXPLOIT MENU THROUGH USER GUIDE - '' Stop creeping down here ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

PS4 EXPLOITS 4.06 / 4.07 / 4.55 / 5.01 / 5.05 / 5.50 / 5.53 / 5.53-01 / 5.55 (TUTORIAL)

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PS4 MODDING 4.05 PKG [Homebrew]

Finalmente è possibile installare Homebrew su PS4 4.05!! Nemmeno su 1.76 era possibile ma su 4.05 la scena si sta muovendo veramente molto velocemente. Ora possiamo avviare giochi in .pkg (quindi giochi gratis) e installare qualsiasi tipo di homebrew! GG a tutti i dev che hanno reso possibile tutto questo

test a slim PS4 with a maximum of 2 to 2 disc games; it takes very quickly but we can see that there is still a good game collection of good firmware 4.05 ..

test d'une PS4 slim avec un maximum de jeux sur disque de 2 to .; (jeux originaux .. ) ça prend tres tres vite de la place mais ont peux voir qu'il y a quand meme une bonne collection de bons jeux sous le firmware 4.05 ..vivement la possibilité de passer au dessus..

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