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Top 10 Virtual Reality Games | HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

Check out our list of the top 10 VR games currently available on the market, then use the comment section to let us know how we're wrong!

Top 5 VR Technologies 2018

It seems clear that 2018 will be a key year in the virtual reality industry. Multiple consumer devices that seem to finally answer the unfulfilled promises made by virtual reality in the 1990s will come to market at that time. It's an exciting time for VR. Here are 5 upcoming VR technologies that will revolutionize gaming. Music By: Finley Burch COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This video is for 'non-profit' educational purposes covered by 'fair use' under 'Section 107' of the U.S. Copyright Act. For any content/collaboration related queries please contact us at All copyright queries will be rectified to all parties satisfaction. SEE OUR OTHER RELATED VIDEOS.. Is Our Universe A Hologram? Science Wakes Up Are We In a Simulated Reality? Tom Campbell & Bruce Lipton The Simulation Theory: We Must Take Control - David Icke Mind Over Matter Is Real: Experiments Reveal! Quantum Gravity: A New Theory Of Everything Please subscribe for more. Thanks for watching.

Top 10 Tips for New HTC Vive Owners

Whether you just received your Vive or have had one for a while, these tips are sure to make your virtual experience even better -- if that's even possible. In this video I'll show you how to enable many features that in my opinion should be on by default. If you have additional tips or if I've stated incorrect information in the video, please comment below! My Top 10 Tips: The Identify Feature Mirroring the Display Room Setup Tricks Enabling Bluetooth Communication Audio Swapping and Mirroring Enabling Room View "Tron Mode" Controller Battery and Hands Display Advanced Chaperone Settings Loading New Backgrounds Theater Mode =============================== Leave a LIKE for Virtual Reality Subscribe to see more VR games for the HTC Vive Follow me on Twitter!

Best $1 VR Games

Steam links: Constricted VR Viking Escape Fine China Endless Labyrinth Happy Penguin VR Miniature TD Mortars VR My RC Buggy! VR MYSTIC VR Princess Kidnapper 2 Rescuties! VR Ropes And Dragons VR [ R.U.M.A ] Super Ultra Monster Smash! Tornuffalo VRemin ● Chat about VR on my Discord → ● 2 Minute Reviews → ● My Steam Curation List → ● Twitter →

BREAKING OUT OF THE SECOND PRISON! | Prison Boss VR #6 - HTC Vive Gameplay

Become a sponsor to get access to unique emoji's! In this episode of Prison Boss we are breaking out of the second prison! How, you say? By getting a ton of cash first. As all of the good escapists you need to have a plan in order to escape. And a good plan needs a lot of money. So let's start brewing some alcohol, folding them ropes and rolling some cigs so we can start our very own prison break! ► Get the game -------------- ► Find me on all social media! DISCORD ------------ TWITTER ------------ @Rowdy_Guy FACEBOOK --------- @rowdyguy INSTAGRAM ------- @rowdy_guy PATREON ----------- ► WHO AM I? I am a guy who is really excited about Virtual Reality. It is my goal to put a smile on your face while making sure that you get an idea what it's like to play the best VR games and experiences. New videos appear every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Making VR content is an expensive hobby. If you like my content, support me by subscribing to the channel! ► WANNA KNOW WHAT I USE? Graphics card: Processor: Motherboard: Case: Camera: Main light: Capture card: HTC Vive: Oculus Rift: Microphone: ► MUSIC Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: #VR #VirtualReality #PrisonBoss #OculusRift #HTCVive #PrisonBreak

#10: Vanishing Realms

#9: New Retro Arcade: Neon

#8: The Solus Project

#7: Space Pirate Trainer

#6: Island 359

#5: Rec Room

#4: Sairento VR

#3: XING: The Land Beyond


#1: Fallout 4 VR

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