Assetto Corsa - Supercars Holden Commodore hotlaps @ Bathurst

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Assetto Corsa - Improve your racing experience

A quick useful guide to help you racing and have fun with other drivers. Congrats to Beppe and Paolo I really enjoyed our battles! Soundtracks offered by Free Music Archive: Fiat Abarth Trophy info: I will take part to this championship and I will be happy to see some of my subs partecipating. See you on track guys!


Today I have for you my favorite tracks for Assetto at the moment. These are a varied mix to keep you entertained for a long time. Check out 00:38 - Majura Valley 03:26 - SP237 Coste 05:49 - Akina Downhill 08:40 - Riverside 11:36 - Peyregrosse 14:27 - Donington 16:53 - Okayama Music by Lakey Inspired You can donate through: Song from Lakey Inspired PC Specs: ▶AMD RYZEN 7 1700 ▶16GB RAM ▶Gigabyte GTX 1060 OC 6GB ▶Asus Xonar D2 ▶Corsair 330r ▶Oculus Rift ▶Thrustmaster T300RS ▶Fanatec CSR elite pedals ▶Thrustmaster TH8a

V8 Supercars - Assetto Corsa

Trying out V8scorsa on Assetto Corsa. Mod - Dunlop Super 2 liveries -

Assetto Corsa: The New V8 Test Drive (V8 Supercar @ Winton)

There's a new kid on the block when it comes to V8 Supercar Racing games and it comes in the form a new mod for Assetto Corsa called V8SCORSA. The guys behind the RNR V8 Supercar Mod for Automobilista have been working hard to port the V8 Supercar into Assetto and it has sparked quite a bit of interest within the Australian Sim Racing Community. In this video I take the Holden Commodore around Winton for some testing to see how this V8 Supercar Mod stacks up with some of the other Sims on the market... Mod Download: Track Download:!2cZjFCyA!ZEq9YY_XfqjDckXit1oIZDMd1eyPIbBbZHUwN8zb7ts I hope you guys enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up if you did. Follow me on Twitter (@hobbo88) for all the latest, and as always, subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! Come and hang out in the community Discord Server where you can catch up with other subscribers to the channel and maybe even run into me:

V8 SUPERCARS! Which is the fastest? Albert Park Hotlaps #004 - Assetto Corsa (G920 Racing Wheel)

V8 Supercars mod in Assetto Corsa! In this Albert Park Hotlaps video I take the V8supercars around to answer one question: What is the fastest V8 supercar? Let me know what you think of this video :) ►Series Leaderboard▼ 1. 2009 Ferrari 458 Speciale (Stage 3): 2:10.911 2. 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R: 2:31.557 3. 1968 Ford Escort RS1600: 2:33.366 ►Hotlaps Playlist▼ ► ► Mods Used▼ ►Albert Park Circuit - ►V8 Supercars - The boys▼ ►Cody - ►Marlon - ►Gareth - ►Brodee - ►James - Check out our gaming community▼ ► ► ►Music▼ ♫ 'Meet Me [feat. Noe]' by Mickey Valen ►'Meet Me' Song: ►Mickey’s SoundCloud: ►Mickey’s Facebook: ►Noe’s' SoundCloud: ►Noe’s Facebook: ♫ ‘Wantchu back' by Aero Chord ►’Wantchu back’ Song: ►Aero Chord’s SoundCloud: ►Aero Chord’s Facebook: Game

I've been driving bathurst alot lately, so I thought it was time I had a go in a V8 Supercar from the excellent V8SCorsa mod.

Mods used (See spreadsheet below for authors/links):

List of all AC mods I use (W.I.P.) with download links:!AlKDANqmMg1Pi9I5ll9xjj0Y0rwJ2A
Credits to all respective authors

System spec:
Asus Strix GTX1070OC
16GB Corsair Vengance LPX DDR3
Dell U3415 3440x1440 monitor
Thrustmaster T500RS
Ferrari 599XX Evo 30 Alacantra wheel rim
Custom modded TM F1 wheel with screen and LED shift lights
TH8RS shifter with 3D printed short shift plate.
Custom 'amstudio' arduino analogue handbrake
Windows 10 Pro

Recorded using nVidia Shadowplay
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