Canon EOS 200D/REBEL SL2 | Best vlogging camera? | Unboxing and detailed review

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Horsepower vs Torque - A Simple Explanation

What's The Difference Between Horsepower & Torque? Why Is Peak Acceleration At Peak Power? Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - Awesome Car Products: Which is better, horsepower or torque? Two words that are often stated in the car community, but often misunderstood. This video seeks to clarify the difference between the two, without silly analogies like "horsepower is how fast you hit the wall, torque is how far you take it with you" (which, by the way, is highly inaccurate). Torque is a force acting at a radius, while horsepower simply incorporates time into the equation. This video will discuss the differences, how each applies to internal combustion engines, how they relate, what peak torque and peak horsepower actually mean, and how to analyze torque and horsepower curves. Finally, what's more important for acceleration, a car with lots of power, or lots of torque? Let's get technical. With the context of an engine: Power = Torque x Angular Velocity. In imperial units, this translates to Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5252. Engineering Explained is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: Official Website: Twitter: Instagram: Car Throttle: Amazon: EE Extra: NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!

Canon SL2 (200D) | What you NEED to know | Review

Is the Canon SL2/200D good for shooting video? Some say it's the best, cheapest camera for YouTube out there... Let's find out! Hey everyone! Thanks so much for watching! I hoped you enjoyed the video :) If you did, let me know by hitting that like button, and subscribing if you think I've earned it. See you around! -TechByte 2561 Subscribers

Canon 200D/SL2 vs 80D, Best Vlogging Camera? - In-Depth Review

In this video, I compare the Canon 200D/SL2 to the Canon 80D. The 80D has been used by many YouTubers for their videos and vlogging but how does the SL2 stack up against its big brother? Their price difference is very apparent but is the performance up to par is it worth spending more to get the 80D instead? Find out by watching my in-depth review. Support my channel: My Gear ================================== Best performing and best value lens - A huge thank you to Harris, for helping me with this video, Please check out his channel: Keep in touch ================================== Personal Instagram - Main Instagram -

UNBOXING & REVIEW CANON EOS 200D, Dslr Rasa Mirrorless

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Best Vlogging Camera? Unboxing and Review of Canon EOS Rebel SL2 (200D)

Unboxing and reviewing my new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel Sl2 (200D). Camera Body Only: (No Lens): Camera Body Bundle (No Lens): Camera w/kit lens: 2 Lens kit: Follow me on Instagram: Mic I use: Mini Tripod I use: Mic to iPhone adapter: Universal Lens I use for smartphone: Studio Lighting setup:

My new camera. Canon EOS 200D/ Rebel SL2.


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