Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist Trailer de Anuncio Game de Ação PS4 e PC

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Super thanks to Ubisoft for making this video happen! Check out the Assassin's Creed Syndicate trailer here: Watch the behind the scenes in the link below: Check out the Assassin’s Creed Experience at San Diego Comic-Con for more assassin parkour! Parkour/Free-running stunts performed by the French FreeRun Family and Aleksandra Shevchenko. Make sure to check out their youtube and Facebook pages! Freerunning Team : French Freerun Family Evie, the female assassin was played by Aleksandra Shevchenko Follow her here: Music composed by Stephen Anderson. Show your love by downloading the track here: Costumes made by Allison and Zan! Check out their work/links below! Costumes Designer-Allison Dredge Jacob and Evie costumes: Check out her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram @allisondredgecostumes Costume Maker-Zan Campbell Both the Templars/2 main bad guys: Follow him on Instagram @fellandfair to see more of his amazing period costumes and leather working Film by Devin Graham using the RED Dragon, filmed in 6k, exported out to 4K compressed for YouTube. Sound design by my friend Dan Pugsley. This guy is amazing! Foley Artist - Louise Brown To get the stabilized shots we used the Devinsupertramp Signature Glidecam. You can get it on Amazon in the link below: Edited by Devin Graham using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Color correction by Parker Walbeck Here's a link to the individual French Freerun Family: Jacob Frye, main Assassin : Simon Nogueira 1st Vilain and Fight Choreographer : Yoann Zephyr Leroux 2nd Vilain : Johan Tonnoir Second Assistant Director and Location Manager : Vinh Tran" - Behind The Scene Video was filmed by : Filmed by Vinh Tran and Carter Hogan. Cameraman : Vinh Tran And last but not least, make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook, it's the cool thing to do these days :) This video was sponsored by Ubisoft. For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here:

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Call to Exist - Amon, Arima, Touka e Shuu confirmados!

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00:00 - Kratos vs sweet tooth 01:29 - Parappa vs Spike 02:39 - Fat Princess vs Cole 03:45 - Radec vs Sir Dan 05:03 - Sly vs Drake 06:12 - Cole vs Raiden 07:26 - Ratchet vs Jak 08:32 - Big Daddy vs Sackboy 10:08 - Dante vs Nariko 11:26 - Heihachi vs Toro Just a little Compilation put together by Council Member Theo mm. All Rivalry Cut Scenes in one place nice! The Forum: Submissions Thread (Work In Progress):

Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist é um jogo de ação da desenvolvedora Bandai Namco, o game é baseado na série de animação japonesa de nome Tokyo Ghoul, nessa serie os Ghoul são seres que precisam comer carne humana para se manter vivos, no game o jogador vai poder assumir o papel de um Ghoul, ou jogar como um Investigador e agente treinado para descobrir e neutralizarem os Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist esta sendo desenvolvido para os consoles PlayStation 4 e PC e sera lançado em breve, confira o trailer de anuncio.

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