Couch Money and Masternodes - What Are They and How Can They Help You?

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What is the best Masternode?

One masternode to rule them all. Pretty cool webstie

What is a Masternode and How to Profit Off it? [$Dash/$Pivx/$Excl]

What is a masternode and how can you profit off it? Masternode started as an anonymous mixer by Dashcoin, which allows users to run masternode and process anonymous transactions. Now, to run a Dashcoin Masternode, you need 1000 dashcoins. Running a Dashcoin masternode will yield you around $3-10K per month depending on how many people are running masternode and the price of Dashcoin. (This is a rough estimate.) Since to run a Dashcoin, you will need around $200K, this may not be feasible. There are cheaper alternatives like Pivx or ExclusiveCoin, Pivx will cost around $18K to run a masternode and ExclusiveCoin around $1.5K. While profits are not that great with Pivx or ExclusiveCoin, the profits may skyrocket when the coin value jumps up so it may be a good idea to slowly accumulate some of these coins if you want to run masternode one day. New to bitcoin altcoin cryptocurrency? Watch my guide on how to trade altcoin here first: No bitcoins? Get started at CoinBase, use this link to get extra $10: Get bitcoins first at coinbase then transfer them over to Bittrex to trade alts. Trading bitcoins for other coins? Get started at Need to quickly change/convert coin? Use this: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My HODL portfolio:(I HODL these BAGS!) $CHC $DOGE $SYNX $EXCL $STEEM $SIB $PAY $MONA $STRAT $NAV $CLOAK $BOD $FLAX $ENT $CRAVE $DGB $ARC $XVG For e-mail alerts on my daily picks, subscribe to my e-mail list here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best tablet for drawing charts? Grab the Galaxy Tab S3: My site is, I am still updating... My main YouTube channel is here:


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Today we discuss cheap masternodes! CryptoCourse: Follow Me On Twitter:

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in!

Here I talk about a few masternodes of interest and how they can help you!

Masternodes generate solid figures of residual income or 'couch money' as some people call it.

Masternode coins:

Keep an eye out for this one! - Big Gains Coming!

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