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American Idol 2018 FINALE WINNER Reaction - Maddie Poppe Reaction!

Each of the American Idol Top 3 sang their singles, a song for their hometown, and a repeat performance. And finally, a winner was declared for the season. And that winner is...Maddie Poppe! Was she our #1 favorite to win? Well, let's just say be sure to support her music on iTunes and go back and watch all her amazing performances: Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone (Idol single) - Maddie Poppe - Songs From the Basement (pre-Idol EP)- American Idol 2018 Top 3: Gabby Barrett (Rivers Deep, Little Red Wagon, and Don't Stop Believing) Caleb Lee Hutchinson (Johnny Cash Heart, Don't Close Your Eyes, and Folsom Prison Blues) Maddie Poppe - (Going Going Gone, Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow up, and Landslide) #PoppeLove #PoppePower #PoppeSeeds #AmericanIdolFinale

Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone | Reaction

UPDATE: Should've listened to the other singles before this! "Going Going Gone" has a waaaaay better hook. I'm finding this definitely stuck in my head one hour later. That's a good sign! Here's the first single from Maddie Poppe that will be her "winner's single" if she wins American Idol. I really, really believe in her talent, and I think this is a pretty good song, even if it isn't exactly the way I'd choose to show Maddie's abilities off. (Still, it's a winner's single, and there have been MANY that are awful, and that's not the case here, so I'm happy!) What do you think? Here's my STASH beard oil: (Use code STASHSTART for free shipping in the US) Here's the webcam I use for my videos: Here's the mic I use: Here's my latest T-shirt design: Twitter: Facebook:

MADDIE POPPE TOP 10 Most Amazing Auditions & Performances On American idol 2018!

Maddie Poppe the Winner of American Idol 2018's top 10 most amazing performances and auditions! Subscribe for more Idols Global ▶︎ Find us on Facebook ▶︎ Fins us on Instagram ▶︎ #idols #audition

Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone (Official Video) Reaction

Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone (Official Video) Reaction Great music video. But seriously do you hear that clanking sound in the background. I don't know why but on my ear phones it sounds like something just crashing on the ground . I listened to it again just with my laptop speakers and it sounded alright. I guess my earphones sound that bad.

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Maddie Poppe Going Going Gone Reaction
Maddie Poppe Going Going Gone Video Reaction

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Maddie Poppe - Going Going Gone (Official Video)

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