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The Wrenchmen | David and Jocelyn's 1970 MGB - Episode 2

Three days, two Wrenchmen, one garaged MGB and a bunch of problems. Wrenchmen Davin and Matt roll through South Carolina to help David and Jocelyn get their 1970 MGB back on the road after being parked for far too long. The MGB’s carbs are full of fouled gasoline, and the bearings and brakes are shot too. Additionally, the electrical system might need work (or is it just the timing?) and the shocks are leaking. Will the Wrenchmen get David and Jocelyn’s MGB ripping from car show to car show, again? Subscribe! | LIKE us on FACEBOOK | FOLLOW us on TWITTER | JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS | FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM | Find out more about Hagerty | HAGERTY VALUATION TOOLS | FEATURED VIDEOS | RIDE ALONGS | Hagerty is your definitive source for all things classic: compelling stories about cool cars and the people who love them; the latest on collector car values and market trends; and all the eye candy, roaring engines and nostalgia you can handle. So strap down, settle in and cruise with us a while. We’re glad you’re here. Contact us. Phone: 877-922-9701 Fax: 231-941-8227 Suggestions and/or Complaints: Marketing & Event Inquiries: Media Inquiries:

MG Midget Bodyshell / Bodybuilding

Have a look at how we bring a classic back to life. Watch as we revive the MG Midget bodyshell in this detailed bodybuilding video. If you'd like a tour of our factory or revive your old models, get in touch with the experts - Motoring Classics.

5 Things I HATE About My Car

Here are the negative parts of owning my car, a 1972 MGB GT. Facebook: A long overdue video that I planned on recording about a year ago, but I could never really find 5 unique things wrong with it. Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video:


The sixties were the heyday of British automobile manufacturing. In this episode we'll take three of the most popular roadsters from the era for a spin, namely the MG MG B Roadster, Triumph TR4A IRS and Austin Healey 3000. Thanks to Webb's of Weybridge for lending me their cars, check out their offerings by following this link: (Click the CC-button for subtitles in English) *** Click this link to subscribe to the channel, then click the notification bell to be notified of upcoming episodes → **** More Silent D: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Music by Dj Quads:

MGB & C on the MG Cars Channel -

The last "real" MG was the MGB series which included the MGC -- a very important part of the MG history. With over a half million built from 1962 thru 1980, the "B" was certainly the world's best selling sports car until very recently being surpassed by the Mazda Miata. MG restoration expert Tom Metcalf, North American MGB Register's Alan Magnuson, and John Rogers of the North American MGC Register provide interesting and insightful information about these cars.

Ian Royle is at the MG Motors Club where we get an insight into the thoughts and opinions of several MG enthusiasts regarding their motors. One enthusiast in particular test drives and reviews the MGB GT convertible, looking closely at performance, practicality, and style. Finally, one member offers some buying advice for anybody considering to buy an MG classic.

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