Cars 3 Next Gen Tim Treadless Nitroade #28 last Race| cars 3 Jeff Gorvette|Disney cars stop motion

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Cars 3 : Brick Yardley & Chase Racelott's Adventure! - StopMotion

Thank you for watching! Brick wants to be a Next-Gen Racer! so he decided to make some money to buy a Magic 6un and join the race! I hope he can win the race at this time, This is an edited video which is combined with previous videos, Im gonna upload edited videos every Wednesday and New videos on Saturday! Just uploading one more video every week! I hope you guys like it! Thank you for watching have a nice day! - Movie Cars 3 - Cars 3 Rivalry Official Trailer - Cars 3 Trailer Parody - Cars 3 "Rivalry" Official Trailer - Movie Cars 3 Trailer - Jackson Storm - Cars 3 crash scene - Lighting McQueen - Cars 3 Jackson Storm - Lego StopMotion - Cars 3 Stop-Motion - Cars 3 Piston Cup Race - Cars 3 Race StopMotion - Cars 3 Piston Cup Race Stop-Motion - LEGO

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Hello! I am Ladybird TV(tentoumusiterebi). I play a crazy 8 battle tournament at Disney Pixar, Cars 3 toy "Tomica action course / triple battle course". Basic rule · Eight cars will fight in the tournament match. · Toppling over · Falling loses. · If you ride a course, if you can escape, continue. I set rules for once, but I do pretty well about it ^ ^ Please take a leisure without thinking particularly difficult! Participating players ・Lightning McQueen ・Dud Throttleman ・Doc Hudson ・Bubba wheelhouse ・Ramone ・Broadside ・Cal Weathers ・The King Please Subscribe⇒ google+ ⇒

can you believe this, Cars 3 Next Gen Tim Treadless Nitroade #28 being his last race. who could of done it? or what happened to him?
watch my Disney cars stop motion video and I hope you guys enjoy.

other cars 3 Next Gen Racers you will see in this video
cars 3 Jeff Gorvette
cars 3 Aaron Clocker Revolting #48
cars 3 next gen H.J Hollis N2O Cola
Cars 3 Next Gen Herb Curbler Faux Wheel Drive #54
Next Gen Harvey Rodcap #15 aka Easy Idle
Next Gen Ryan Inside Laney #21 Blinkr
Next Generation Vitoline #24 Chase Racelott
Next Generation Transberry Juice #6 Bubba Wheelhouse
Next Generation Mood springs#33 ED Truncan
Next Gen Intersection #00 aka Flip Dover
Next Gen Tow cap #4 aka J.D McPillar
Next Gen Trunk Fresh #34 Aka Steve Slick LaPage
Next Gen RPM #54 aka Barry DePedal
Next Gen Dinoco cruz ramirez #51
Next Gen Daniel Swervez #19
Next Gen Jackson Storm #2.0
Next Gen Nitroade #28

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