Two Classic Guitar Amps for under $300? (Vox AC30 & Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959) Unboxing & Demo

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Unboxing Harley Benton CST 24T (the PRS clone)

It was inevitable once I got going with the Harley Benton reviews that I would have to get a CST24 PRS style Benton. Well here it is!!! LINK: Enjoy!!!!! :o) Thanks for watching and take good care folks! You have but one life - live and enjoy it. Peace :o) THE USUAL LINKS: CGS Website and Forum: You Tube Channel: Email me: MILTON GUITARS CHANNEL: MILTON GUITARS WEBSITE: ===================================== Disclaimer: Any or all 'fair use' materials which the owner does not wish me to use will be removed immediately on written request directed to once verified that the request has come from the actual owner of the material. The China Guitar Sceptic channel would like to draw your attention to the fact that this channel seeks in no way to promote, sell or encourage the purchase of any items that infringe any manufacturers trademarks. However we would also like to point out that while counterfeiting and selling of counterfeit items is illegal in most countries, in almost all, it is not illegal to buy or own such goods, merely at the moral and ethical discretion of the buyer. The China Guitar Sceptic channel seeks only to provide those with an interest in guitars made in China with the best advice and honest guidance on the good the bad and the downright ugly truth about them. All information shared on this channel is, as far as we can be sure, one hundred percent factual and where we can't be sure all opinion or conjecture is explicitly stated. This channel will always encourage you to avoid buying counterfeit products and through Milton Guitars Channel also seeks to provide a real alternative. We hope that you will respect the intent in making these videos and helping you to make informed decisions based on facts and the truth. This channel is entirely independent and receives no sponsorship, support, backing or funding from any guitar manufacturer, distributor or outlet. Please keep your comments balanced and polite as all profane or abusive postings will be immediately deleted and the poster blocked from the channel. If you don't feel that you can abide by this simple request then please just keep your thoughts to yourself. Thank you.

Sound Like John Mayer - For Under £500!!!

This week Matt and Rabea try to Sound Like John Mayer - For Under £500!!! Gear used: Squier Bullet Stratocaster RW in Fiesta Red - Fender Champion 40 - Tone City Bad Horse - Mooer Pure Boost - Subscribe to Rabea here: Click on one of these links to find out more… Andertons Guitar & Bass YouTube Channel: Andertons Drummers YouTube Channel: Andertons Keyboard YouTube Channel: Andertons Music Tech YouTube Channel: Andertons Shopping Web Site: Buy a T Shirt: Make sure to subscribe to Andertons TV for more great videos like this!

ThePedalGuy Presents the Hotone BritWind Legacy Floor Amplifier

In this video, ThePedalGuy demonstrates the Hotone Mojo Attack Legacy Floor Amplifier Hotone’s Nano Legacy amps are so in demand that it only made sense for us to combine two of them into one, put it in convenient floor-based stompbox, and let it rule as the core of your professional sound system. More than simply combining two Nano Legacy amps in one, the Nano Legacy Floor amps feature upgraded sound quality, increased output power (up to 75 watts) and extended onboard functions/effects. Plus, these portable dual-channel amps let you integrate a complete rig that is always ready for touring and recording: just connect to a cabinet/mixer/interface and you’re ready to rock! Features: ✪ Portable dual channel floor amp for your pedalboard ✪ Up to 75 Watts output power ✪ Unbeatable Nano Legacy tone with upgraded sound quality and dynamic range ✪ Dual channel design combining 2 best-selling Nano Legacy amps in one: - CH A: Hotone British Invasion, inspired by legendary Vox® AC30* - CH B: Hotone Purple Wind, inspired by legendary Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959* ✪ High quality tone with independent volume, gain, and 3-band EQ ✪ Built-in boost provides up to +12dB of clean volume boost ✪ Built-in reverb with clear, natural decay ✪ Compatible with cabinets of different impedances ranging from 4-16Ω ✪ FX LOOP for using external effects ✪ Line and XLR outputs with switchable cab simulator ✪ 18-20V DC power supply (center positive) You'll find it today at ThePedalGuy #dontgetpedalbored

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We went over our inventory to bring y'all the 10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners between the $150 - $500 range. Let's take a closer look and listen at what makes for a solid beginner instrument as well as some tips to assist your overall choice. Free Guitar Buyer's Guide → 1. (1:04) Squier Bullet Mustang → 2. (7:41) Squier Affinity Series Jazzmaster → 3. (11:01) Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster → 4. (15:45) Ibanez GIO Series GART60 → 5. (21:08) Ibanez GIO Series GRX70QA → 6. (27:56) Epiphone Les Paul 100 → 7. (34:08) Epiphone G-400 Pro SG → 8. (40:34) Epiphone Les Paul Standard → 9. (44:11) Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus → 10. (49:38) Fender Duo-Sonic → Looking for a guitar not mentioned? → Gear used: Snark SN1 Clip-on Tuner Blue → Mogami 10' Gold Instrument Cable → Fender Mustang GT 100 Digital Amplifier → 🎼 Contact us: 🎵 Call toll-free: (844)251-1922 🎶 Connect:

Brian May on Vox AC30s

Brian May discusses Vox AC30s and shows the effect of various Red Special pickup settings on them

Amazon links for the Britwind:

Vox AC30 and Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 are popular guitar amplifiers of legendary status in the guitar world and every guitarist and studio engineer would love one of each in their kit list. But how possible is it to get all of the tones of two classic valve amps in a single pedal sized box including its own 75 Watt power amp which is loud enough to gig with? Not only that but at under $300 to boot! That's what Hotone claim of their Britwind unit. Too good to be true? You decide!

When Ari from Hotone approached me to ask if I would be willing to do a review of the Britwind, I was intrigued by the tiny little stomp box sized unit with a purple theme. Would it be possible to get all of that great classic tone out of one unit that would comfortably fit in the front of a gig bag, let alone cram in a 75 watt loud power amp?

Would I review it? Needless to say the answer was yes and it is here and complete. I hope it is a pleasant surprise for you my dear subscriber. At least I hope you are a subscriber - if not I hope you will be soon!

I played all of the demos using my PRS SE custom 24 LTD into the Zoom R16 desk and then as a power amp into my Harley Benton classic 30W Celestion vintage 2x12, using a Rode M3 microphone.

Please let me know what you think of the tones (not so much the playing) in the comments section below.

If you have any questions or would like me to do any further demonstrations of the Hotone Britwind in some other configuration then please also let me know as I love to react to the ideas of my regular subscribers.

BUT, most of all Enjoy!!!!!


Thanks for watching and take good care folks!

You have but one life - live and enjoy it. Peace :o)



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