Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron and Samsung Mobile Full

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Killerbody Hero Iron Man Armour-Mark VII Laser Effect Display

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New Disney Toy: Playmation - Test by Sammie​​​

New Disney Toy Playmation - Test by Sammie Subscribe pls: Today Sammie visited a Disney store in California. The manager of this shop let him and Daddy in, to check new toy from Disney. This toy is not in the shop for sale yet, but Sammie could check how does it work. Sammie went to the shop and the manager showed him this awesome toy. The name of this toy is Playmation. Super cool, especially for boys. This is brand new technology. This toy is based on cooperation between imagination, technology and active play. This new platform is a first set from Playmation. The name of it is Avengers Starter Pack and it consists elements of body-worn costume, like Iron Man's arm piece, Hulk's fists. It works in conjunction with base station, figures and an external smartphone app. This app lets children keep track of all progress. Those body-worn elements doesn't depend on the internet, so kids can take this toy wherever they would like to, and play in different places. So this is really cool. The two figures are Captain America and Red Skull. Additionally there will be ability to purchase other characters from Marvel. Sammie had in his team one friend. They were shoot to his enemy, they were run around the shop, try to hide behind the shelf and other toys. They had really great fun together. After the very heavy battle every recruit received an envelope with top secret information and ID cards. This game is not relisted yet, but it will be very soon. But Sammie could check it and he really liked it. He was absolutely happy that he had a battle with a superheroes from Avangers Our America Summer Trip 2015: Our American FUN Trip 2016: Our Dubai Trip 2016: How To Make Lego Ice Cream Our Lego Gaming Video: Our Giant Minions Surprise: ___ Arcadius Kul YouTube Channel delivers family and kids friendly content mostly about toys and surprise eggs. Occasionally we record shopping videos or some fun and travel videos. The Channel is made by Arcadius and his son Sammie. ___ Our other channels: Gaming: Angry Birds: . About Arcadius Kul Join Arcadius Kul and his son, Sammy, for newest and most exciting toy unboxings on the internet. Sammy wants you to follow him as he opens and plays with some of his favorite characters - Mario, Angry Birds, Minions, Peppa Pig. Watch Sammy open his favorite treat, a Kinder Surprise Egg or tear into a massive Play-Doh eggs to see what Dad has hidden away. Looking for the newest in Legos? Arcadius Kul and Sammy will hunt down every Lego set from Star Wars to Minecraft or Disney at your favorite toy stores. Get ready to have a great time, no matter where Arcadius Kul and Sammy are - amusement parks, family vacations, playgrounds - IT’S ALWAYS A GREAT TIME!

AVENGERS: Infinity War Official Trailer in LEGO!

After 18 days of work my shot for shot re-creation of the Infinity War trailer is finally finished! Hope you enjoy it! I dedicate this movie to BrotherhoodWorkshop. 2 years ago I watched his Age of Ultron trailer and my dreams of doing such a good trailer has raised. I have never believed I will be making something like this today. Iron man made by super-minifigures : Watch this version side by side with the original! Original trailer : Audio belongs to MARVEL Studios. More Brick FORCE : - STAR WARS : The Last Jedi trailer : - KINGSMAN : The Golden Circle : - IT (horror) – Georgie meets Pennywise: - THOR : Ragnarok trailer : - SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming : - PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN : Dead men tell no tales : - GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol 2 -TRANSFORMERS: Last Knight trailer: - LOGAN trailer: - ASSASSINS CREED:

Mr Potato Head Collection Marvel Avengers y Transformers

Mr Potato Head All Collection Marvel Heroes son 28 Patatas o Señor cara de papa en sus versiones de los vengadores y transformers. Esta coleccion contiene los siguientes peronajes en su version patata: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, War Machine, Hawkeye, Spiderman, Wolverine, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Grimlock, Green Goblin, Venom. Mr Potato Head All Collection of Marvel Heroes, Avengers and Transformers 2015. Suscribete: Facebook: Google+:

Samsung GALAXY S6 EDGE Iron man edition unboxing

Samsung GALAXY S6 EDGE Iron man edition unboxing

Lionel Messi being Iron Man in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron and Samsung Mobile commercial.

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