Guy is Tricked Into Thinking Original XBOX is an XBOX One

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Top 10 Xbox Fails

Top 10 Biggest Xbox Fails Subscribe The Microsoft Xbox is a beloved gaming console, but it's had its share of mistakes and problems over the years. WatchMojo picks the ten biggest fails by the Xbox. List Entries and Rank: #10. Original Fat Xbox Controller #9. Hard Drives and Other Overpriced Accessories #8. Web Browser, Transfers, Ads and DLC #7. Kinect Lag and Spatial Requirements #6. Disk Laser Burn #5. Limited Backwards Compatibility #4. Rare Ware #3. ??

Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles

Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles Subscribe: Everyone loves a new gaming machine with exciting games and upgraded visuals and controls. However, not every console released has been an improvement for one reason or another... Join WatchMojo for a list of console fails. Featured on this video: #10. Magnavox Odyssey (Magnavox) #9. Gizmondo (Tiger Telematics) #8. LaserActive (Pioneer) #7. Pippin (Apple/Bandai) #6. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Panasonic) #5. Atari Jaguar (Atari) #4. 32X and Sega CD (Sega) #3. ? Special thanks to our users for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at Get WatchMojo merchandise at WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

Video Game Controller Evolution - From Master System To Xbox 360 - Retro To Modern

This is a quick video on the topic of product design and how video game controllers have evolved over the years. In this video I focus on Sega and Microsoft controllers as they appear to stem from the same family (Note the Microsoft logo on the front of your Dreamcast). I look at how the design has evolved and developed from one console generation to the next. From the very basic 2 button Master System controller right up to the current generation wireless Xbox 360 controller. **Note to all Sony/Nintendo/Vectrex fanboys** This is a video about Sega and Microsoft peripherals and the product design history specific to these companies products. Other manufacturers products are not relevant here. But why you ask? Well, I am not looking at who invented/developed what or who introduced which feature into the console market first. I am only looking at Sega and Microsoft's design choices from one generation to the next. I am not saying who or what (if any) external influence affected their design choices. Product design, branding and marketing are topics I personally find very interesting. I collect peripherals from all the manufacturers and for most consoles, both old and new. I am NOT a fanboy. Maybe in future I'll make a video about Sony or Nintendo controller evolution. **Note to all internet experts** I didn't forget the Mega Drive six button controller. I know it exists! I own a few variations of the 6 button Mega Drive controller. Unfortunately I didn't have an official Sega controller to hand at the time of making this vid so decided to omit it and keep the video streamlined. This goes for the SG-1000 controller, Master System Control Stick, Mega Drive Mega Fire and any other official variant of a standard controller (with the exception of the 3D Saturn controller). The button in the middle of a 360 controller is called the Guide button. The smaller Saturn controller was the original controller for the system. The Saturn came out in Japan before NA and this is the controller it shipped with. The Duke (big fat Xbox original controller) was the original Xbox Controller. The Xbox came out in NA before Japan and this was the controller it shipped with. Unfortunately I've now had to switch comments for this video off. This is because some people believe it is acceptable to flame bait, troll and post abusive/rude remarks. I'm really sorry if you have a genuine comment to make. I hate having to do this but it simply became too time consuming and difficult to continually moderate and remove abusive/idiotic comments from fanboys and 5 year olds. Thanks for watching!


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Awesome Christmas Presents Xbox One Games & Console Part 1

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Ryan Jones believes he's reviewing the latest game system from Microsoft, but it turns out he's working with slightly older equipment.

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