AMAZING!!2019 Audi S8 spied completely uncovered at the Nurburgring

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All-New 2020 Audi S8 Prototype At The Nurburgring Track

All new next generation 2020 Audi S8 prototype spied testing at the Nurburgring Nordschleife race track...

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2020 Audi S8 Spied With Quad Exhaust at the Nurburgring

Audi has made some pretty special super-sedans over the years, but the all-new S8 for 2020MY promises to be a technological showcase. Unfortunately, it's no much to look at right now at the moment. A prototype for the next Audi S8 was spied earlier today at the famous Nurburgring track. While it's not wearing any camouflage, the bodywork is mostly identical to that of the standard A8 saloon, which was revealed on July 11th in Barcelona. With most Audis, you get some sort of preview of the future S and RS models from the S Line body kit. But the A8 is super-clean, and we've only noted one tuning project since then. By comparison, he mear facelift of the S-Class has been inundated with attention. But something has changed, the exhaust, which has gained a quad-tip setup. We want to say that it's the trademark of Audi S models, but the SQ5 skipped it entirely. If the standard features aren't good enough for you, at least notice how performance brakes have been hidden behind the luxury car wheels. This might or might not also be a real diffuser. What's under the hood? It's obviously going to be a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, mechanically similar to the one in the new Porsche Panamera Turbo. The previous S8 also had a 4.0 TFSI with either 520 or 605 HP. Rumors have put the 2020 output at anything from 540 to 650 HP, and frankly, it all seems plausible. There's even the possibility of an S8 e-tron, adding a plug-in hybrid setup for even more power and higher cost, just like the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. But honestly, Audi is probably too busy making SUVs to figure that out right now. An all-wheel-drive system and 8-speed automatic will also be part of the system. The platform that allows such engine sharing is called MLB. Honestly, the S8 is just an excuse to push that amazing interior to 300 km/h and see what happens. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 audi s8, audi s8 2018, audi s8 2019, audi s8 2020, new audi s8, 2019 audi s8, 2019 audi s8 review, 2019 audi s8 plus, 2019 audi s8 release date, 2019 audi s8 plus price, new audi s8 2019, new audi s8 2018, new audi s8 2018 review, new audi s8 release date, new audi s8 review, new audi s8 plus, new audi s8 acceleration, 2018 audi s8, 2018 audi s8 plus, 2018 audi s8 w12, 2018 audi s8 0-60, 2018 audi s8 coupe, 2018 audi s8 sportback, 2018 audi s8 v10, 2018 audi s8 interior, 2018 audi s8 release date . . . Help us to be better! SUBSCRIBE: GOOGLE+: Please contact this email if you have any copyright issues:

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The extra-fast version of Audi's flagship A8, the 2019 Audi S8, is basically ready to go if these spy shots are any indication. The super sedan was spied without any camouflage at all, sliding around on the Nürburgring.AMAZING!!2019 Audi S8 spied completely uncovered at the Nurburgring Automotive Cars News Though subtle, there are a number of visual cues that give it away as the performance version of the full-size Audi.

Up front, a grille slot is opened up around the bottom portion of the main grille. The lip on the front bumper appears to be slightly deeper and more aggressive.AMAZING!!2019 Audi S8 spied completely uncovered at the Nurburgring Automotive Cars News, The reshaped bumper blends into the widened side skirts added to the flanks.

The biggest visual change is at the back, though. Here, the bumper has been given an extension to match up with the side skirts. It also has a faux diffuser look. The integrated exhaust tips of the standard A8 go away, too, in favor of quad oval tips that are a staple of high-performance Audis. There's also a little grille added to the rear bumper that seems to evoke the Audi R8.

We expect the S8 to make its official debut sometime this year. A recent rumor says it will likely be powered by a version of the Panamera's twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 making 535 horsepower. A 621-horsepower hybrid V8 could come later.Automotive Cars News,2019 Audi S8 Spied, 2019 audi s8, audi, audi s8, 2019 audi, new 2019 audi s8, new audi s8, 2019 audi a8, audi a8, s8, 2018 audi s8, 2019 s8, 2019 audi a8 l, 2018 audi a8, new 2019 audi, audi a8 review, new 2019 audi s8 road testing, all-new 2019 audi s8, 2019 audi s8 road testing,audi s8, audi, 2019 audi, world's most luxurious car, world's most luxurious sedan, 2019 audi a8 test drive, 2019 audi a8 0-60, 2019 audi a8 l exterior, 2019 audi a8 l interior, 2019 mercedes s class vs audi a8 l, 2019 audi a8 vs mercedes s class, 2019 audi a8 exterior, 2019 audi a8 interior, 2019 audi a8 full review, 2019 audi a8 review, 2019 audi a8 l review, 2019 audi a8 l, audi a8 l, car, review, test, exterior, interior, new, neuer, Audi, Audi A6, Audi A6 C8, new s8, 2018 s8, new audi, audi s8 facelift, audi a8l 2019 debut, 2019 audi a8 l quattro debut, ????? audi s8, 2019 audi a8l full review,

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