How to lower OBS's CPU Usage using your Nvidia GPU

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Put a Desktop GPU in a LAPTOP… The CHEAP WAY!

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Best OBS Streaming Settings 2018 NO-LAG 60 FPS

The best OBS settings for streaming on Twitch at 60 FPS with no-lag and the best possible image quality! Follow this guide to get smooth live streams with almost no hit on PC performance (for Nvidia users). Timeline: 0:43 - Video settings 1:41 - How to find my upload speed 3:38 - Streaming settings 5:12 - How to chose the best bitrate for my upload speed 6:09 - Best NVENC streaming settings 7:12 - Image comparison at different bitrates & using x264 vs. NVENC 8:02 - Best x264 streaming settings 9:49 - Advanced settings Twitch Bandwidth Test Tool: OBS Studio: Chose the following bitrates for 60FPS live streams at 810p 12000+kbps = 6000 (NVENC) 10000kbps = 5000 (NVENC) 8000kbps = 4000 (x264) 7000kbps = 3500 (x264) 6000kbps = 3000 (x264) 5000kbps = 2500 (x264) The best NVENC settings: Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000 (non-partners) / 8000 (partners) Preset: High Quality Profile: High Use Two-Pass Encoding: Yes The best x264 settings: Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000 (non-partners) / 8000 (partners) CPU Preset: faster For YouTube, use these settings: 🛒 My PC Setup: 🎵 Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🏬 G2A Store: 🐦 Twitter: 📺 Twitch: 🎧 Discord: 😀 Facebook: #BestOBSsettings #NVENC #60fps

Best Way to Stream YouTube & Twitch with OBS Studio (x264 vs NVENC)

Streaming to YouTube & Twitch with OBS Studio requires an understanding of the various encoder options from x264 to NVENC h.264 and Intel’s Quick Sync H.264 codecs. In this video I will compare the different encoders while playing GTA V and share my optimal settings for performance and quality. I will also cover the basics of how to use OBS Studio for 2016/2017. Thanks for watching, please like, comment, & subscribe. ============================= Table of Contents: ============================= 0:00 - Introduction 0:41 - The Problem: Why I Made This Video 1:27 - OBS Studio Basics 3:00 - The Different Encoders (NVENC H.264, x264, QuickSync H.264) 4:11 - When to Use x264 Flowchart (PC Gaming vs Console Gaming) 5:24 - Streaming Settings: CBR vs VBR & Understanding Bitrate 6:23 - Keyframe Interval, Presets, & Profile (Main vs High) 7:05 - x264's CPU Usage Preset (ultrafast, veryfast, etc.) 9:02 - Side by Side Comparison: x264 vs NVENC on Grand Theft Auto V 11:17 - Benchmarks CPU Usage, GPU Usage, and Framerate 13:23 - What about Quick Sync Video? QuickSync H.264 vs x264 side by side & benchmarks 14:48 - My Optimal Settings Fullscreen & My Hardware (NVENC) 16:10 - NVENC Preset Comparison (Default vs High Quality vs Bluray vs Low Latency) 17:05 - Settings Recap: My Current Favourite Setup 18:04 - Conclusion & the Future ============================= Gear I Use to Make Videos: ============================= ============================= Follow Me: ============================= Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ============================= Affiliate Links: ============================= Some of the links in my video descriptions are affiliate links, which means, at no extra cost to you, I will make a small commission if you click them and make a purchase. If you have a different purchase in mind and would still like to support me, you can use these storewide links below. Amazon: B&H Photo: ============================= Music: ============================= My fabulous intro music was created specifically for this channel by the talented Damashi. SoundCloud: YouTube: ============================= Observations: ============================= I feel that when capturing while playing on the same PC, x264 requires too much of a CPU commitment to be recommended. I find that at about 4500 Kbps, NVENC looks just as good as x264, but offers much better performance with in some cases up to 35% less CPU utilization. If you are capturing from an external console or PC then x264 might be optimal at low bitrates because the CPU utilization won't be as important, and x264 does look better at bitrates below 3000 Kbps. I think many articles available online are outdated and too harsh on the NVENC h.264 encoder. It's what I'm going to use from now on. =============================

$300 CPU Beats $4000 CPU?? - Cores vs clockspeed for video encoding

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DDR5 At 5200MHz, CPU And GPU Prices Going Up!

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**This fix only works for users who own & use an Nvidia graphics card . If I find a fix with AMD cards, I will be sure to post a video on it.**

If you are tired of OBS using a large chunk of your CPU while streaming or recording then look no further. This fix will drastically drop the load from your CPU while utilizing your GPU as the main encoder.

If you run into issues or do not understand most of the lingo in this video, feel free to check out the link, it will explain the differences between the settings and what/how they are to be used.

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