Baka Gaijin Novelty Hour - Danganronpa - Episode #44

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Hey guys, TheSupremeRk9s here! After getting Giratina so quickly, I've decided to finish out a few other hunts I had started before let's GO came out ~ Next up is Heatran in Pokemon Black 2!! Will it shine before the roaming Beasts??? lol yeah probably Follow me on Twitter! Add me on Snapchat! @Dallycatstrike Follow me on Instagram! @TheSupremeRk9s Outro Music! #GEN4 #ShinyHunting #Pokémon

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Baka Gaijin Show #23 - The "Trilogy" Lie


Baka Gaijin Show #24: How Blizzard Can Fix Overwatch's Arcade

In this video, I discuss the problems with Overwatch's structure of available game-modes and how to improve them with little effort on Blizzard's part. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER;

In this episode, we lose Kevin somewhere and I find our editor in the trash. So we take the opportunity to do a little catch-up.

Also if NBCUniversal takes this video down again, I'm bop them on the head.

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