Cars & Coffee Palm Beach Aug 2018 | From the Adam’s Booth

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Cars and Coffee palm beach!

FESPA World Wrap Masters Wrap Training: Cold Pre-Stretch And Triangles

What makes wrapping a car difficult? Bumpers, door handles and mirrors. The reason for this is the film tends to bunch up on the corners which can lead to overstretching, wrinkles and durability issues. In this noon demo at FESPA Digital 2016, Head Judge Ole Solskin Ravn and Judge Justin Pate of TheWrapInstitute team-up to show two ground breaking techniques: triangles and cold pre-stretch which neutralize the curves so the car essentially becomes flat. This results in dramatically faster installs with higher quality and long term durability. For more on the World Wrap Masters check out and

Adam's Black Trim Restorer....Does it work??

Hands down, one of the easiest applications I have ever done. This product not only rejuvenated the trim, it brought back the original pigment of the trim! -Adam's Black Trim Restorer Kit: Song Used: -T Mass- Ignoring My Heart Follow me on Instagram: @Mk6Guy

World Record Window Tinter- Dave H. with Tint XPress

Here we go again! Dave H. with Tint Xpress doing yet another world record timing tint with quality service at your home. The service that can only be brought to you by Tint Xpress. To clear out the concerns of some of the people who reached out to us- All Panels get dried and we clean the entire interior of our customers vehicles. Also, our tools do not scratch customers windows. We have been in business for over 10 years.

You NEED THIS if you want THICK CREAMY FOAM!!! | $8 Hack

Swap out your small orifice for this upgraded bigger 1.1mm Orifice from -1.1MM Orifice for Low Pressure Washers: Thanks for watching! Follw me on Instagram: @Mk6Guy

August Cars & Coffee Palm Beach was a huge success! thanks to all of our loyal customers, and devoted fans for coming by to show support! We will see you all again next month!

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