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Persona 3 Fes: Fusion Spells Exhibition [English]

again not my best exhibition video, but I did the best I could... Here are the effects of the Fusion Spells: Cadenza: Recovers 50% HP and casts Masukukaja. Jack Brothers: Moderate chance of knocking "Down" all enemies. King and I: Inflicts a moderate amount of Ice damage with high chance of causing Freeze. Shadow Hound: Inflicts a large amount of Strike damage. Frolic: Recover all HP but occasionally inflicts Charm. Summer Dream: 1) All enemies knocked "Down". 2) All enemies have HP & SP fully restored. 3) All allies knocked "Down". 4) All allies have HP & SP fully restored. 5) Both effects 1 and 3. 6) Both effects 2 and 4. 7) The protagonist, teammates or enemies suffers a random status ailment. 8) Nothing. Justice: Inflicts Light damage equal to 1/2 the current HP of the targets. Scarlet Havoc: Inflicts a large amount of Slash damage. Ardhanari: Inflicts a huge amount of Fire damage. Raktapaksha: Casts Dekaja and has a high chance of knocking all enemies "Down". Trickster: Inflicts a random status ailment on all enemies, but sometimes affects your team instead. Dreamfest: High chance of inflicting Charm on everyone. Best Friends: Casts Tarukaja, Rakukaja, and Sukukaja on a ally. Last Judgement: Inflicts a huge amount of Almighty damage. Valhalla: Sets all property resistances, including Almighty, to "Block" for 1 turn, but the target's HP and SP are reduced to 1 afterwards. 1 ally Thunder Call: Inflicts a large amount of Elec damage with a high chance of causing Shock. Infinity: Sets all property resistances, including Almighty, to "Block" for 1 turn. Armageddon: Inflicts 9999 damage.

Persona 3 Portable Fusion Spells Exhibition

P3P All of fusion spell exhibition unlike the PS2 Version fusion spell here in P3P do not require certain Persona to bring but usng item instead, you can get the items by trading at Shinshoudo Antique Shop at Paulownia Mall or Win the Vision Quest at Tartarus. There are 18 fusion spell. the list of fusion spell: 1) Cadenza 2) Jack Brothers 3) Justice 4) Dreamfest 5) King and I 6) Summer Dream 7) Best Friends 8) Raktapaksha 9) Valhalla 10) Frolic 11) Infinity 12) Ardhanari 13) Thunder Call 14) Shadow Hound 15) Scarlet Havoc 16) Trickster 17) Last Judge 18) Armageddon Play it with PPSSPP and using Fraps to record the game, unlike JPCSP PPSSPP is fast both in Battle and Tartarus but with Fraps on, the fps sometimes a little bit unstable, without fraps it run smooth and fast 60 fps without any lag

Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth Ep 72: Dual∞Wildcards: Persona Evolution

This is my playthrough of Persona Q Shadow of The Labyrinth for the Nintendo 3ds with live Commentary Played from The Persona 3 Perspective. With the eerie tolling of the Yasogami Highschool bells, 18 Persona-users find themselves trapped inside the labyrinth of a strange shadow world. There, They meet Zen and Rei, an odd duo who have lost their memories. As the parties come together to seek an escape, a mysterious shadow creeps ever nearer.. For Live Gameplay Visit: For Updates follow me on:

Persona 3 FES - Special Skills Exhibition-

Well this vid shows some of the most powerful skills in the game, here is the list by appearence and which persona has it Odin - Thunder Reign - Massive Thunder Dmg - 1 target Skadi - Niflheim - Massive Ice Dmg - 1 target Surt - Ragnarok - Massive Fire Dmg - 1 target Michael - Heaven´s Blade - Severe Slash Dmg - 1 target Norn - Panta Rhei - Massive Wind Dmg - 1 target Alice - Die For Me! - Instant Kill Darkness (High Chance) - All Targets Daisoujou - Samsara - Instant Kill Light (High Chance) - All Targets Satan - Black Viper - Massive Almighty Dmg - 1 Target Shiva - Pralaya - Severe Pierce Dmg - All Targets Helel - Morning Star - Massive Almighty Dmg - All Targets Mara - Maralagidyne - Massive Fire Dmg - All Targets Helel + Satan - Armaggedon ( this one is just to finish Death off ) Persona 3 FES

Persona 3 FES OST - Darkness

Tower Level 3
Oracle Draw (Yuko)

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