Play Realm Royale on Xbox And PS4! Download Realm Royale on Xbox & Ps4 NOW!

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Play Realm Royale on Xbox And PS4 Download Realm Royale on Xbox One And Ps4 or your console of choice!

Realm Royale just hit the gaming industry, and it's already super popular! Its number one most watched game on twitch currently! However the problem is it's only available on PC currently! We heard you guys loud and clear and we know you guys really want to play it on your consoles! So don't worry any more in this video we show you exactly how to get realm royale on xbox and ps4!

The steps to play and download realm royale on xbox and ps4 is super easy, just go to the website shown in the video and then enter your email pick your console of choice. Then complete the super easy verification that takes no more then 5 minutes to do. Once you have completed all of that just check your email for the realm royale code and youll be able to start downloading and playing it on your xbox one or ps4!

Realm Royale is a brand new game that is still in beta mode. It's a brand new battle royale that has pretty close functionality to fortnite, anyways it seems like battle royales are the really popular niches these days as they are always successful.

So yeah guys thats all you have to do to be able to play realm royale RIGHT NOW!

If you guys have any questions leave them in the comment section below and i'll try to get back to you.

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