Domino's Tackles Crumbling Infrastructure by "Paving for Pizza"| | Review Car

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Paving the road with asphalt

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How Domino's Makes Its Pizza

We visit the Connecticut center of Domino's to see how the popular pizza chain makes 125,000 pizzas a day. There are 5,500 Domino's in the US, which rely on their own manufacturing centers for fresh dough. In the Connecticut center alone, over 125,000 dough balls are sent to stores in the northeast each day! FOOD INSIDER believes life should be a delicious adventure. Subscribe to our channel: and visit us at: FOOD INSIDER on Facebook: FOOD INSIDER on Instagram: FOOD INSIDER on Twitter: INSIDER on Snapchat: Produced by: Amelia Kosciulek, Aly Weisman

Domino's Tackles Crumbling Infrastructure by "Paving for Pizza"| | Review Car

June 12, 2018 AT 9:51 PM By Andrew Wendler   If we learned anything from the 2006 cult film Idiocracy, it’s that Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is one regal-ass president. Well that, and the notion that when it comes to matters of humanity and public infrastructure, no one does it better than a for-profit corporation. For evidence, look no further than the new Paving for Pizza initiative from Domino’s Pizza. The fundamental goal of this effort is to ensure that precious cargo—a pip...

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