Steam Locomotive from Norwegian Railway Museum in action - Norway - Hamar

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Steamtrain at Rauma (Norway)

In the summer of 2005 drove the "norwegian heritage train" regularly Åndalsnes to Bjorli. It was not easy to follow the speeding steam train. Unfortunately we did not have a tripod here, so shake the image from time to time. Im Sommer 2005 fuhr der "Norwegische Museums Zug" regelmäßig von Åndalsnes nach Bjorli. Es war nicht ganz einfach dem schnell fahrenden Dampfzug zu folgen. Leider hatten wir kein Dreibein-Stativ dabei, deshalb wackelt das Bild ab und zu.

Australia: Sydney's Great Steam Train Race 2018

The annual Great Steam Train race through Sydney's inner western suburbs. The year it was Garratt 6029 against the recently restored "Nanny" 3526. Unfortunately it was raining again this year. An unfortunate slowing of 3526 and train near Ashfield reduced the "racing" well before the scheduled finish at Strathfield.

Prins August - Old Steam Locomotive

Of the oldest B-locomotives are one, Prince August, preserved. It was taken out of service in 1906, but was saved as a museum piece. At the 100th anniversary in 1956 restored it to running condition and are thus now one of the world's oldest executable locomotive in original condition. The locomotive is occasionally out from their regular placement Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle and demonstration runs as it did 2015 May 23 at the Swedish Railway Museum 100th anniversary

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2017 Java Steam & Sugar Tour: Semboro Steam Train Trip

This video was taken on our 4th day of Java Steam & Sugar tour on 11th September 2017. It covers steam locomotive trip on Semboro sugar mill's vast field lines network, from Semboro to Pondok Jeruk. Since I forgot to bring my tripod along, the video quality looks a bit crooked and sometime leaning disproportionately. But it doesn't reduce your enjoyment in watching this. For more info of the tour, click:

Steam Locomotive from Norwegian Railway Museum in action - Norway
Link for information in english about Norwegian Railway Museum for visitors.

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