Exploring Old Soviet Steam Locomotive in Kyiv Railway Museum 2018. Amazing Russian Steam Train

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Monoloco Monorail

The unique steam monorail system tucked away in a Welsh slate quarry is the only working steam monorail locomotive in the world. This 'Monoloco' was built by Century Millwrights on an island in the River Thames. The video was taken 25 April 2010 and the weather was typical of Snowdonia - wet, misty, windy and cold. The owner has about 115 Meatair petrol and diesel monorail locos and approximately 2 miles of track in storage. As you can see, the demonstration track is very constricted by the space currently available. More photos will appear on my website www.mprints.co.uk

The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor - UK [Series 21]

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[RZD] LV-0522 steam locomotive, Preduzlovaya-Pavlovskaya - Rogavka stretch

LV-0522 steam locomotive. Preduzlovaya-Pavlovskaya - Rogavka stretch. Novgorodskaya oblast, Russia. 2016-04-16

Майдан-Вильская УЖД / Industrial narrow gauge railway

Industrial narrow gauge (750mm) railway of Maydan- Vila fireproof factory, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine УЖД Майдан- Вильского завода огнеупоров, Хмельницкая область Industrielle Schmalspur (750mm) Eisenbahn von Maidan-Vila feuerfest Fabrik, Khmelnitsky Region, in der Ukraine Kolej wąskotorowa cegielni

North-Korea Steam locomotive 1

North-korean steam train built under Japanese colonialist rule. Here in full service in North-Korea. Between Kujang and Hyangsan three branch lines left the mainline. One standard gauge, non-electrified just behind Kujang heading west on a nice big bridge towards a small valley. Steam engines were used on this line.

Amazing urbex exploring old Russian steam train L-3191 inside and interior review. Unusual Soviet old steam locomotives.
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