Exploring Old Soviet Steam Locomotive in Kyiv Railway Museum 2018. Amazing Russian Steam Train

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Last of the Giants Part 1

This video is for comment on the Big Boy Restoration rumors on the OGR forum in the summer of 2013. Just an absolute awesome piece of machinery. I hope you enjoy the video and use it as an educational tool to promote the hobby of steam railroading.

Soviet Russian Trains

Mad props to George Dominik for the clips! Link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYH8swcp71EHt-88lkaMDTQ

Trains Plowing Snow In Action★Awesome Powerful Trains Plowing Through Deep Snow 2017 2018

Trains plowing snow in winter, this are very powerful trains which are plowing snow like monsters. Looking at the clips it not fells like a powerful train is plowing deep snow, it more likes hot knife cuts street through butter. Hope you like the clips and have fun. Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/2VMeXS Crosswind Landing Boeing 737: https://youtu.be/NCojWIGQlJI Don't forget to like, Share and comment.

Abandoned trains. Old abandoned steam engine trains in USA. Abandoned steam locomotives

I will show you awesome compilation of old abandoned steam engine trains and locomotives in USA, abandoned on old train trucks. Many of them are dying in the woods. You will see amazing train pictures.

[RZD] LV-0522 steam locomotive, Preduzlovaya-Pavlovskaya - Rogavka stretch

LV-0522 steam locomotive. Preduzlovaya-Pavlovskaya - Rogavka stretch. Novgorodskaya oblast, Russia. 2016-04-16

Amazing urbex exploring old Russian steam train L-3191 inside and interior review. Unusual Soviet old steam locomotives.
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