Sunways 5inch Sat Nav G505 (Review)

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VOR Navigation Made Simple

If we can make VOR navigation this easy, imagine what we can do for your Aviation Exams! Learn more at:

Sat Nav - Driving Test

Sat Nav - for the Driving Test. The Latest Driving Test came into force December 2017 and this is one of the additions that was added over the old test . 4 out of 5 tests will be using Sat Nav to conduct the independent driving part of the test. If you are interested in the gear that I use for production, please use these links below. Thanks Yi Dash cam - Yi Dash cam Ultra - Rode Videomicro - iPhone 7 plus - Panasonic GX8 - Sony FDR X300R -

Navigation Using a VOR

This video makes VOR navigation easy to understand through animation. It covers what VORs and radials are, how to tune and ID a VOR, how to find your location from a VOR, and how to correct for the wind using bracketing to fly directly to or from a VOR.

Low Cost GPS For Your Car With Many Options Sold On Amazon By GHS

This GPS was way better than expected and worth the money. It has more options than I will ever use but that's a good thing. Amazon Link:

Garmin Nuvicam In-Car Sat Nav Review - GPS With Built-In Dash Cam & Bluetooth

The Garmin Nuvicam is an in-car GPS Sat Nav that has a built-in dash cam, a simple interface, great maps and the reliability that comes with the Garmin name. With speed-camera warnings, Bluetooth Hands-Free for your phone, free map updates, collision and lane warnings, and a beautiful touch screen display, the Nuvicam is for anyone who's serious about in car navigation and wants the peace of mind of built-in maps and software from the best Navigation company in the market. Recommended! Thanks, Rob. Garmin Nuvicam:

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