How to Fix all Problems/Issues of OBS Studio/Classic Videos (Lagsfix,Freezingsfix,etc.)

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How To Make OBS NOT LAG When Recording & Streaming (Best OBS Recording Settings 2018 & Streaming!)

This Is the Best OBS Recording Settings Tutorial! With no lag For Streaming & Recording 1080p 60fps this works for twitch and streaming in general. 2018 Since these are the best obs studio settings they work for windows 10, 9, 8, and 7, this obs best settings tutorial also works for mac 100% Lag Free. This Tutorial is mainly for bad Computers and Laptop Enjoy the video! **The HIRE the Bit Rate The More delay For Your Internet** (Sorry I Made A Mistake) Keep your bitrate Low If you Have Bad internet speed! TimeStamps: ⏲📌 General - 0:58 Streaming - 1:19 Recording - 4:18 Audio - 7:07 Video - 7:45 Advanced - 8:05 Outro" & Elgato GiveAway - 9:13 FLV Converter Tutorial - ________________________________________­­ 🔥 Rules To Win NYCMOSTWANT3D Elgato Giveaway 🔥: 1) Subscribe 📍 2) Turn On Notifications ( A MUST) 📲 3) Like This Video 👍 **(500 Likes GiveAway Will Be Announce)** SKYPE - Nycmostwant3d Contact me for any questions Needed ________________________________________­­ ➜ In this video - I Will Be teaching you how to make your obs Studio Run Faster For Streaming & Recording With No Lag "These Are The best OBS Settings you will find for recording and Streaming" (This also work for All Windows 7, 8, 9, and Windows 10 as well for mac) This is for bad computers and Terrible Laptops. This OBS will Help you Stream And Record in a better and different way. Enjoy the vid! Its Your Boi NYC, And i'm out! ________________________________________­­ ➜ LETS TRY TO GET 50 LIKES ➜ HELP ME GET TO 15.500 SUBS - ➜ Follow me on my twitter - ➜ Follow me on Instagram - ➜ Follow me on Twitch - ➜ +1 My Google Plus Account! - 😍Donate😍 - ________________________________________­­ ➜ MY Sponsors & Partnership: Custom controllers! Enter "nycmostwanted" for 5% off your purchase: Curse(Union For Gamers) ________________________________________­­ ➜ Who is NYC Most Want3d? - A kid thats 18 years of age Born in August 22, 1998 and post the best and the greatest top notch content in all the mother nature of the world on this Youtube channel. I try to release daily content for all my subscribers. Not the best commentator but your mama will still love the way i talk dirty to her! Lmao (JK)! in addition i like when people subscribe because it reassure me to bring more top notch content to the Money of the Table! So make sure you light it up and burn that subscribe button! DAMN that subscribe button already red why not make it turn on fire! ________________________________________ How To Make OBS NOT LAG When Recording & Streaming (Best OBS Recording Settings 2017 & Streaming!)

How To Play: BARRAZA (Brawlhalla)

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How To Get Higher FPS & Unlimited Material in Playground Mode [Read Pinned Comment]

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Today im gonna show you how to fix all Problems of OBS

Its pretty simple and easier than you think.

How to fix:

1.Go to Settings
2.Go to Output
3.Set in Streaming and in Recording the Encoder: Your Grafikcard!
Nvidia: NVENC
4. Set in Video your FPS to 60

Disfigure - Blank

What Problems of Fix is it?

How to Fix lags in OBS Studio
FPS Drops Fix in OBS Studio/Classics
Black Screen Fix OBs
end of thinking capacity.

See ya!

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