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How Good are These Chinese Cars | MG Motor HS & eMG6, Roewe Marvel X & eRX5 Driven | Motoroids

MG Motor is coming to India with 3 new cars including 2 SUVs and an electric cars, with an investment of over 1 billion US dollars. We visited their parent Chinese company SAIC's test tracks, proving grounds and manufacturing plants in China, and also tested their cars. We drove the MG Motor HS, MG Motor eMG6 and Roewe Marvel X and Marvel eRX5 in China, and got a taste of how well are these new generation Chinese cars are made. In this video, we will give you a brief review of the MG HS, MG eMG6, Roewe Marvel X and Roewe eRX5 and let you know what to expect when MG Motor launches its cars in India. In addition to the power, performance, build quality and fuel efficiency of the cars, we also give you a rough idea about the price at which these cars are sold in China. Roewe is in fact making some of the most advanced electric cars in the world, which are loaded with cutting edge technology, and we'll give you a good understanding of the interior and the tech of these cars as well. Website: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us on:

Top 50: Chinese COPYCAT Cars

Video is going to be quick so pause at the cars which you want to look for a longer period of time. Enjoy :)

China vs India trucks 2017(unbiased)

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20 Chinese Fake Brands and Copycats

20 Chinese Fake Brands and Copycats Subscribe,like and leave your comments below!

Amazing Made in China Car

Everything in one. BMW Porsche Tesla Range Rover and the best part is the price

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