Exploring Abandoned Plane in Museum of Aviation 2018. Ghost Haunted Soviet Plane

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From air force bases hidden in the middle of the pacific ocean, to bases left over from the soviet union, here creepiest abandoned air bases, Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. Mongolian Air Base Although it wasn’t official, Mongolia was basically a part of the Soviet union but they didn’t want to seem to seem imperialistic and put the Chinese on alert. With communist countries on both sides, it was heavily influenced by both powerful nations, but acted as a satellite nation to the USSR. In the 1970’s this air base was added and was seen as a way to protect themselves in case there was any territorial disputes with China and here we see this statue with a fighter jet. These armored aircraft shelters in the gobi desert, you see in this photo were made to protect expense aircraft from potential attacks and are designed with reinforced concrete. This random statue which is now close to a grazing pasture for cattle, has an inscription on it that states,”Glory to the Communist Party of Soviet Union. These large buildings housed the officers and their soldiers in this very isolated environment. 4. Cosmodrome Kazakhstan Many of the Soviets Union’s new buildings were built far away from the capital city of Moscow and into occupied territory or satellite states. Ralph Mireb captured some truly remarkable photos of an abandoned Soviet space shuttle and the building used to house it. The Soviet space program was quite successful and this is where they launched the sputnik. The area is Kazakhstan is quite remote, so it really seemed as if no one had returned to the place since they left it. Here you see the inside of the cockpit of the space shuttle where the pilots would have sat during missions. It’s believed that this spacecraft actually made it to space at some point 3. Gila River Airport This privately owned airport in Arizona is currently in a state of complete abandonment and most likely won’t be seeing any flights for a while. It was formerly used for planes who were involved in crop dusting and who knows what else. Built in 1942, it was used by the US army and went by the name, Williams Auxiliary Army Airfield number 5. Some experimental jet aircraft was tested out in during the 1950’s and then handed over for civilian use, and renamed as goodyear airport. In the 1990’s, operational usage ceased and it’s now just an aircraft boneyard as you can tell. This was after the Gila River Indian community gained control of it, which resulted in the eviction of commercial tenants. The last recorded aircraft operation was recorded in 1983. Many of the aircraft have fallen victim to graffiti artists or just decay from the elements of the desert. Here we see an abandoned 1945 Lockheed Pv-2D harpoon which has certainly seen better days. 2. Nicosia Airport, Cyprus The Nicosia airport on the mediterranean island of cyprus has a long history and it was once one of the main airports on this island nation. It’s even been used as an air base during world war two for the allies to launch attacks on north africa. In 1974, the an unexpected event took place when Turkey sent armed forces onto the island of Cyprus. The airport became a scene of heavy fighting between the cyprus ary and the turks. It’s been abandoned ever since, however the runway is occasionally used by the UN during peacekeeping missions. Here we see some of the seats on the inside of the airport, deteriorating inside one of the terminals. The Turks claim that ethnic Turkish people living in the area were targets of genocide. Croydon Airport, UK This historical airport has seen legendary pilots such as Charles Lindbergh during a transatlantic flight in 1927 and even pilot lessons by Winston Churchill. It was originally built during world war I after a zeppelin bombing raid on london took place and is the first major international airport constructed by the UK. It was rapidly constructed complete with factories to build planes and munitions. As of right now, however, it’s basically a giant museum. Although much of the runway has built built over, the main terminal has been preserved and is known as the airport house. The croydon airport was a target during world war II and in 1940 it was the site of a major air raid in the london area. The main armory was destroyed during the battle of britain and the civilian airport also took a hit. It was quite difficult to defend the attack and it wasn’t much again until 1944. With suburban areas beginning to expand, in 1952 it was decided that the airport would close and in 1959 it saw its last flight. As you walk around the area, you can still see quite clearly that parts of it still stand as a memorial for those who fought in order to keep britain free.


This explore I would say is the most interesting adventure iv'e been on to date. I am glad i get to share the experience with everyone because I won't forget it. This abandoned airport closed in 2001 and has sat there ever since. Seven aircraft were left in the corner of the runway abandoned as well. This spot had no graffiti and I believe that I may be one of the only people that have every explored it. I am definitely the first to video the entire experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Follow me on social media: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/csrxn/ I do not destroy or vandalize any of the places I explore. I go to video and take pictures because it is what i love to do. I document these places before they are gone. I enjoy researching and learning the history behind the places I go. If you like what you saw and are interested in more please subscribe to my page and like the video!

Urbex | Abandoned Jet Fighter dump found on a field.

If you love our video's and want to see exclusive locations or support us visit: https://www.patreon.com/exploringtheunbeatenpath For pictures of the coolest abandoned places worldwide check: http://www.bobthissen.com/photosets Or follow http://www.facebook.com/exploringtheunbeatenpath http://www.instagram.com/exploringtheunbeatenpath In this urbex episode we visit Cold War relics in Hungary. We go back to a field of abandoned jet fighters which we already have been in 2012. But this time we have bad luck. Love abandoned War relics? Check also this Bunker in Taiwan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwfHAKfJVE8 and the fully stocked Cold War Bunker in Hungary: https://youtu.be/NAZW2asTYuw ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gear: Sandmarc phone lenses and filters: http://bit.ly/2sGm3RE

10 STRANGE Abandoned Airplanes

From deep sea wreck discoveries; to mysterious aircraft in Colombia. These are 10 strange abandoned airplanes HEY YOU ! There are more awesome videos being made every week, like and subscribe to World Unearthed so you don't miss a beat ! 10. Samara Aerodrome | Russia We kick off this list with the incredible collection of aircraft at the Samara Aerodrome in Russia ! We have some helicopters in the mix as well Probably the most exciting find is this Tupolev Tu-144, it was the first EVER commercial supersonic jet, seems like humanity wasn’t ready for it yet. Will we ever be ? There is also a Turboprop An-12 that found its way here; these planes were generally used for transport. This little guy is the Antonov An-2, nicknamed Annushka; it was primarily used for crop dusting ! Here is the whole collection from the air - 9. Tupolev - 154 | Bulgaria What is going on here ? We are looking at a plane on a platform, in the middle of the black sea ! This soviet made Tupolev - 154 was the personal plane of Todor Zhivkov, a former communist leader in the country. Apparently it's the biggest airplane to ever be submerged; its expected to bring a lot of tourism to the area and the plane itself will soon become a bustling reef for little fishies to swim around in. 8.Miss Piggy | MANITOBA The Curtiss C-46, owned by Lamb Air was nicknamed Miss Piggy because of the massive amount of cargo she could hold. And at one point, her cargo consisted of pigs... So pigs CAN fly ! I thought it was a lie, so I did a quick google search. So, it's not lie, you CAN transport livestock with airplanes. Adc air Back to Miss Piggy; the airplane was starting a routine cargo delivery mission to the Arctic Co-Op. Shortly after take off; one of the engines lost oil pressure. The situation was dire so they tried to return to the Churchill Airport. No such luck though; Miss Piggy crash landed and 2 of the 3 on board were seriously injured. The airplane has been rusting away on the rocks for a long time now, but it did get a paint job from a movie production. 7. | Micronesia 6.Zhukovsky | RUSSIA What started off as a super secretive military base; usually compared to the likes of Edwards Air Force Base in the USA; the Zhukovsky Airfield in Russia ended up becoming a glorified tourist destination. It even offered tourist flights in expensive military jets. Which actually, doesn’t sound tooo bad, Would you take a flight in a modern fighter jet if you could? :O What we are looking at here is the glorious waste of materials; these cargo planes are huge, and hopefully they will be scrapped and recycled in the future. 5. | THE BAHAMAS 4. | Colombia 3.Pearls Airport - Grenada 2. Boeing 737 Attraction - Bali, Indonesia Its not easy to just transport a 737 all willy nilly like. But somehow this massive aircraft ended up in the town of Kuta, Indonesia. Looking at it from top down, you can see there are many houses surrounding it, how the hell did this plane get here? The story around the internet mentions a rich guy who wanted to turn this boeing into a public attraction, a restaurant of some sorts. He ran out of money, and the project was not picked up by anyone else. There is no recent news on this plane, so don’t plan your indonesia trip around it. 1.Maid of Harlech | WALES

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Finding abandoned plane in national aviation museum exploring 2018.
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