How To Install And Use The Toast Wallet For Ripple. Genesis Mining Обзор

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Making of the Lloyd Coat Wallet

The design and creation process of the Lloyd Coat wallet has been a long one. Based upon the design of a 1950s wallet owned by Charlie's (our Creative Director) Grandfather, the first and most important part of our job was not to spoil the beautiful lines of the original, but to bring the design up to date, the original having been designed in a world before credit cards or other such things. A design on paper isn't the end of the story though, and the complex shapes and construction had to be brought together into a single beautiful object, with each element adding to the form, as well as the function of the finished piece. The result is a traditional wallet, the largest in our Lloyd series, but sharing the same beautiful curves that run throughout. Each one takes more than a days work to create, with every stitch meticulously done by hand, but we hope as a result will be passed down the generation as was the original the design is based on. See the Kickstarter and get involved in our next film here See the wallets here

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In this video, I walk through an installation of the Toast Wallet for Ripple, a simple and easy to use desktop wallet for XRP.

Toast Wallet download:

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