Great Cars: AVANTI

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Great Cars: KAISER

Almost everyone knows about Kaiser Permanente --- the nationwide HMO but very few have any idea that it sprang from the mind of one of America’s most spectacular entrepreneurs – Henry J. Kaiser. He built the Grand Coulee and Hoover dams, launched more ships than any other builder during World War Two, opened the first steel mill on the West Coast and introduced quilted “Kaiser Aluminum Foil.” In 1945, this legendary California industrialist partnered with automobile executive Joe Frazer to meet the post War demand for cars. The resulting Kaiser-Frazer autos were the last real challenge to the dominance of the Big Three. From 1948 to the mid-‘50’s, Kaiser’s incredible energy created a stir that’s still being felt today. His passenger cars faded away but his transformation of the Jeep from the soldiers’ buddy to an everyday SUV changed the world. EP 308

Great Cars: TUCKER

Just after World War II, Preston Tucker wanted to be the first automaker to introduce an entirely new car, not just a touched up pre-war model. Tucker set up shop in an old Dodge plant and got financial backing through stock and dealers. Despite his "futuristic" car models, the government thought Tucker was a swindler and began a lengthy investigation. Tucker and several of his employees were eventually charged but acquitted of mail fraud and conspiracy. By the time the trial was over, Tucker's hopes were shattered. Preston Tucker dared to dream the impossible dream. EP 307

Here's Why You've Never heard of the Innovative Tucker Car Company

What if we told you that the first automobile company to pioneer breakthroughs like seat belts and safety glass wasn’t Ford, Toyota, or Mercedes, but a company you’ve probably never heard of? The year is 1946, and since none of the Big Three Automakers have released a new model car since 1941, there was a strong desire from the motoring public for something fresh. This created a perfect storm for the “Car of the Future”. Enter Preston Tucker, a talented car salesmen turned inventor and pioneer. His automobile vision promised and delivered several groundbreaking advances in automotive technology and safety, that later became standard. In the end, only 51 "Tucker '48" Cars were made, and the company shuttered its doors not long after it opened them. We will examine the rise & fall of Tucker, & how a conspiracy perpetrated by corporations, politicians, and even government officials crushed the Tucker Corporation, The Man Himself, and ultimately his revolutionary Tucker Torpedo. Preston Tucker’s vision will outlive the physical manifestation seen in his 47 surviving steel marvels & is both fascinating and sobering, even today. **** Support us on Patreon: We Love VideoBlocks. Sign up for a free trial: **** RELATED: Tucker Movie by Francis Ford Coppola Tucker: The Man & His Dream Tucker Book by Jay Leno His Battle to Build the Car of Tomorrow Tucker Book by Philip S. Egan Design and Destiny: The Making of the Tucker Automobile Tucker Book by Charles T. Pearson Indomitable Tin Goose: A Biography of Preston Tucker Tucker DieCast Models Two Bit da Vinci is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Socials: @TwoBitDaVinci ***** ATTRIBUTIONS & CREDITS AVAILABLE AT THIS LINK: ***** Tucker Tin Goose Preston Tucker tucker automobile tucker car Tucker and Tesla the tucker car the tucker car value tucker car value tucker cars Tucker 48 preston tucker documentary tucker car history 1948 Tucker the tucker car movie History of Tucker Automobile preston tucker movie Tucker Big Three Tucker Torpedo automotive pioneers tucker 48 jay leno Tucker The Man and His Dream Tucker Documentary Tucker Car Documentary conspiracy theories richard branson steve jobbs steve jobs dean kamen jay lenos garage history of preston tucker tucker coppola business visionaries kaiser frazer tucker jay leno elon musk concept cars that came true history of the car car of the future who killed the electric car concept car old cars top antique cars top car of tomorrow most important moments in history story of tucker automobile automotive history automobile history francis ford coppola movies

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The 1955 Ford Thunderbird was meant to fulfill the desire for a sporty American car. Ford never had plans to make the T-Bird a true sports car, but it would possess the elements of a racer -- two seats, sleek styling and high performance. In two years, about 40-thousand T-Birds were sold. Hoping to appeal to more people, Ford took the Thunderbird in another direction. It became bigger and gained a backseat. It eventually was killed by Ford and then resurrected as wonderful “Retro-Future” roadster reminiscent of the original. Regardless of the T-Bird's design, it is one of the most durable names in US automotive history. It even spawned a revamp and once again there were cars rolling off the assembly line bearing its name. The Ford Thunderbird continues to be a part of America's landscape. EP 309

The stylish and fast 1963 Avanti was the last ditch hope for Studebaker. The automaker was on the verge of bankruptcy. It needed a hot seller to remain in business. Studebaker's president called in famed designer Raymond Loewy and within weeks the automaker had a car. Although the $5000 fiberglass Avanti was just too expensive for most car buyers and it didn't save Studebaker --- the Avanti would live on. Over the next three decades, Avanti lovers would try to keep the dream alive, buying the company and making changes here and there to the timeless design. But in 1991, it was the end of the line for the Avanti. No one rode in on a white horse and no one had dreams of a booming car company. The only surviving Avanti factory is in Youngstown, Ohio. The plant no longer manufacturers cars it's just a parts warehouse. But Avanti enthusiasts still hold onto the dream that someone will always resurrect their beloved car.

EP 306

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