Supercars Shutdown Town!

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Meet The MILLIONAIRE Hypercar Owners Of Los Angeles!

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Greenwich Cars & Coffee

I was invited to come by and check out the cars and coffee in Greenwich, CT a city not to far from me. I asked my friend Jared Auslander if he wanted to come and help film as well as just a chill thing. So we both just hung out one Sunday morning and captured these shots of some super cars rolling through town. This is just a chill edit to document what we saw. If you'd like to see more of these quicker/shorter edits let me know! Enjoy! Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: Follow me on IG: Follow Jared: Check out Greenwich cars and Coffee to know when the next one is happening: Music Used: Resotone - "Never No More."

They Stole Everything.

Shirt pre order is over but you can still grab the stickers! So yeah. For right now that pretty much it. I don't have any gear to film or create with. Everything I've worked so hard to buy was taken from me just like that, Zach and Derrick too. Dealing with insurance will take a little bit and regathering all my gear again will take some time but when that time comes I'll be back at it creating content and amazing videos. I am not going to let this get me down or upset me any more. I am going to move on and learn from this and hope for the best. Thank you all for being by my side through this and offering to help and sharing the story and information. Keep your eyes out for cheap gear. Thank you all again. Love you guys. Follow me on IG: Krispy merch: Zach: Derrick:

The Best Supercars of Europe! Chiron, Centenario, Veneno, Agera, Zonda, LaFerrari

A compilation video of the best supercars I saw during my 6 week trip to Europe. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @thestradman for live updates.

McDonald's Drive Thru In My RACECAR

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Greenwich Cars & Coffee took over Greenwich Ave one Sunday and packed it full with automotive enthusiasts and mixture of super cars and classics. My friend Jared and myself decided to take the day and just make a cool video from the event which you hopefully already saw. If not go check it out! I wanna hire someone to do these BTS videos for me full time so tell all your friends to subscribe so I can pay someone to do that lol.

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