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Greenwich Cars & Coffee

I was invited to come by and check out the cars and coffee in Greenwich, CT a city not to far from me. I asked my friend Jared Auslander if he wanted to come and help film as well as just a chill thing. So we both just hung out one Sunday morning and captured these shots of some super cars rolling through town. This is just a chill edit to document what we saw. If you'd like to see more of these quicker/shorter edits let me know! Enjoy! Get Krispy Merch/Stickers: Follow me on IG: Follow Jared: Check out Greenwich cars and Coffee to know when the next one is happening: Music Used: Resotone - "Never No More."

How to Embarrass Supercar Owners: BRING TEN HYPERCARS

Here is a list of all the gear I use to make my silly videos: My Gear: Sony AX-53: Circular Polarizer: Microphone: Gopro 1: Gopro 2: Laptop – DSLR: Lens: Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook:

Stance Wars Houston 2016 | Stance Nation (4K)

StanceWars Houston where do I begin? That weekend last November was one of the greatest I’ve ever had during my travels as an automotive videographer. The show was amazing, yes. The cars were amazing, yes. But the people I met and the people that helped me shoot were the nicest I have ever come across yet. From total strangers driving me around the city helping be the camera car, to new friends taking me out at night getting bottle service, and other taking me out for massages and ice cream after shoots HOUSTON TOPPED MY LIST! Huge huge huge thank you to everyone that helped and everyone who came up to me at the show and everyone who picked up a sticker at the show and waited in line just to see me. StanceWars is family and I am so happy to be part of that family that helps me live these experiences. Thank you everyone. Share this video if you enjoyed it! Thanks! Follow me on Instagram: Get Krispy Stickers and Posters here: Music Used: (Please support the Artists) Arman Cekin - "Wild West” — Stew Stim - "Unlikely Finesse (Stew Stim x RELLIM)” — wanye kest. - "Please don't do this. w/bwnds.” — win32 - “Televised.” — GENESIS -" FURY ⚡️ (w/LBLVNC & COSMIC)” — Pazmal - “Heyyyy" — △Sco△ - "Age" — alec - "way up"


BEST of SUPERCARS - POWERSLIDES,EXHAUST,DRIFT #PART 1 New Compilation Part #1 March 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like,Comment And Subscribe For More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Thumbnail by: shimpeiman (Instagram)

Clean Culture SoCal Season Closer 2016 (4K)

Get Krispy Merch Here: My first LA car car show. What can I say other than LA more than lived up to the hype! Back in November I was only around for a few days to film this entire film before flying right back to NY for other gigs. But with the help of some new found and talented friends I was able to create this killer 20 min piece for you all revolving around the Clean Culture, Import Expo, & Car Physics SoCal Season Closer. There were so many quality cars present at this show! I got to shoot with some of the coolest people around to from Toshi with his crazy mustang to Jay with his Rocket bunny Lexus and then some. I couldn't of made this film without the help from some crazy talented filmers that were from the area that volunteered to help. You guys have to check out Carlos and Gabe I will link their Instagrams below. I can't wait to be back on the west coast creating some more content for y'all! Special shoutout to everyone that picked up a sticker of mine at the show, took a picture with me, or said hello. Thank you all so much! Make sure to share this video if you enjoyed it! Follow me on IG: Check out Carlos and Gabe: Music Used (Please support the artists): Bones - "What A Shame" - - - VVITCH - "WHORE" - - - Tokyo Megaplex - "Ahhhhhhhhhh" - - - Deon Custom - "ALOHA" - - - astral planes - "7126" - - - kyddiekafka - "broken" - - - wedjat - "storm" - - - SQUINTS MANE - "Hotshit (Prod. Squints Mane)" - - - Japanese Large - "J.L. Moknum Session Four" - - - Notaker - "INFINITE"

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Greenwich Cars & Coffee took over Greenwich Ave one Sunday and packed it full with automotive enthusiasts and mixture of super cars and classics. My friend Jared and myself decided to take the day and just make a cool video from the event which you hopefully already saw. If not go check it out! I wanna hire someone to do these BTS videos for me full time so tell all your friends to subscribe so I can pay someone to do that lol.

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