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The Top 5 Piano Exercises For Beginners

Use these 5 beginner piano exercises to GET THOSE FINGERS MOVING. Perfect for sitting at the piano, having fun and playing some actual piano music whilst also developing your core skills. Every exercise can be done in the right hand, the left hand and BOTH HANDS TOGETHER so your left and right hand coordination will go through the roof! Oh and did I mention... By the end of the video you WILL be able to play your very first chord progression! As always I put a lot of thought into how these exercises build in layers so... First we look at moving the fingers as a scale. Moving up and down the notes evenly. This develops strength and smoothness in the playing. GO HERE... 1:00 Secondly we look at a similar exercise but using arpeggios, or broken chords. This is amazing because now we venture into the realm of actual music. (Think someone like you by Adele) GO HERE... 4:12 Third, we look at a simple triad (chord) and work on a few ways we can keep a steady rhythm going. This is great for developing your sense of timing. GO HERE... 6:27 The fourth exercise takes this chord and shifts it around to different positions on the keyboard to create a really nice chord progression. This will be your first piece of actual music! GO HERE... 8:22 And lastly, we take the chord progression from exercise four and play it slightly differently to give you some variety and develop your left and right hand coordination! GO HERE... 11:13 Want more piano lesson videos like this? Be sure to subscribe to the channel right here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2VELs7Mfz81cZxC9A6-JOg?sub_confirmation=1 My PREMIUM video on 'The Best Adult Practice Plan' - https://creativepianoacademy.com/the-best-adult-piano-practice-plan Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/creativepianoacademy/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/creativepiano

Play 70 Songs in 6 Minutes Using The Same Chords!!

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How to Read Notes Fast - The Landmark System

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How To CREATE Riffs & Licks (with the Blues Scale)

How to actually create your own riffs and licks using the blues scale, I will show you the best methods and some other cool tricks you can use. Sign up for FREE at http://www.pianopig.com A lot of people ask me how to actually construct their own riffs and licks using the blues scale. The best way to accomplish this in my opinion is just to sit down and play around with the scale until you come up with something. The trick is to start really simple and play what you can hear in your ear, by doing this you will naturally produce more lyrical and melodic lines. Another great tip worth remembering is when you have a good sounding riff, you can change the where the first beat lays in the bar, and doing so changes all the accents and therefore the whole sound and feel of the riff. If you have any questions, please just leave a comment and I will get straight back to you :) ******************************************* PianoPig is an online platform for piano lessons in HD, covering scales, chords, soloing and more. For beginner, intermediate and advanced players. SUBSCRIBE for more videos! https://tinyurl.com/pianopig Keep up to date with the latest videos & news: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PianoPigLessons TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Piano__Pig

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Example of songs that use these 4 chords: https://youtu.be/5pidokakU4I

In this beginner lesson, we look at a very common chord progression which uses four chords. These 4 chords are used in hundreds of songs!

In the key of C the chords are as follows: C, G, Am, F

Practice playing around with these chords to get them under your fingers. You should use different inversions and voicings around the piano.

Once you are comfortable with the chords, you can add some timing and rhythm. Start by playing each chord and count 4 beats for each one. Then you can begin adding in different patterns such as split chords and arpeggios.

Once you can do all of this, you can either sing the melody of songs over the top or work the melody out by ear, and play it in your right hand whilst playing the chords in your left.

PianoPig is an online platform for piano lessons in HD, covering scales, chords, soloing and more. For beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

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