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Here’s Why the Porsche 918 Spyder is Worth $1.7 Million

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2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series - PRODUCTION

Paintig Body 00:06 Front Bonnet 02:16 Painting Wheels 05:45 interior Trim 11:16 Seats 15:20 Seddlery 19:29 Assembly 23:42 Exclusive Manufaktur 28:46 Luggage Set 33:15 "New 2017 Manufacturing, Porsche Car Factory, Plants" Music Source 35:45: Epic Cinematic 2 Brave Epic Cinematic Music Roalty Free (NCM Epic Music Ender Guney) "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

917 engine starting - 1st time in 30 years

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2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs nurburgring - 2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs weissach package - new cars buy.
Welcome to our car blog, this time we will be share information about the latest cars is coming from porsche brand. The title of a article we take is 2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs nurburgring - 2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs weissach package - new cars buy. We will be try discuss details about this car, ranging from: reviews, concept, redesign, rumors, exterior, interior, specs, changes, engine, colors, pictures, release date and also prices. congratulation to read and we hope your enjoy it and then will come back again here.
2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs nurburgring - 2019 porsche 911 gt3 rs weissach package - new cars buy - For a car that occupies such a tiny niche within a niche within the vast 911 family, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS sure has become a massive thing. The RS’s carbon-fiber fixed rear wing has grown to near-ridiculous dimensions; each recent generation has seen it become more conspicuous, the struts on which it’s mounted pushing the wing farther into the clear air. The body has swelled in every direction to the point that, piloting the car along the narrow paths that serve as roads on the Isle of Man, the new RS’s 74.0-inch width makes it feel as if it’s taking up three-quarters of the surface. So be mindful around those blind corners. The displacement of its naturally aspirated engine has increased over the years to 4.0 liters (up from the 2.7 of the original RS from 1973). The engine in the last-generation GT3 RS from 2016 also displaced 4.0 liters, but for 2019 the unit is substantially updated and awarded 20 more horsepower, for a total of 520.
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