Cal Weathers' Retirement Texts

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Cars Racer Themes #1

Inspired by SheathebearYT. Attention by Charlie Puth You Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman Just Gold by MandoPony Ice Flow by Kevin Macleod More by Usher Break My Mind by DAGames Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Cars Racer Themes #2

Inspired by SheathebearYT. A Little Bit Young by Futuristik All Star by Smash Mouth Five More Nights by JT Machinima Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley Stay Calm by Griffinilla Back Again by Groundbreaking Thomas the Train Theme by Unknown Artist

12 Days of Carsmas Day 3

Mac iCar

Cars 3 Cal Weathers Win

Eric gets Rejected 23 Times by a Carpet

24 if you count Woody.

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